Sunday, December 28, 2008


8 years. 8 fantastical years. (Fantastical is the word of the day) 8 years of Adam in School

7 arguments (if you believe this, you must be delusional. I just couldn't find 7 of anything so I decided to lie. I thought it was the best way to go.)

6 months before we got pregnant with Kelly

5 Cars (If you count the Kia, but we really hate the Kia, so he will probably be upset that I counted it. Since he says it's worthless)

4 beautiful children

3 moves

2 weeks of "dating" before we were engaged (don't worry I knew him for 3... we were friends first) (that was a joke.)

1 amazing eternal companion.
And honestly I'm sure you guys are gagging, and rolling your eyes (I would be too, it's in my blood) But anyone who knows him knows that I got the good end of this whole "eternal companion" deal.
I have a man who brings me up Ice water at night, empties the dishwasher in the morning, volunteers to give children baths, has a special dance for me when I'm upset with him, makes me feel beautiful just by looking at me, and always always puts the family first.

Just for the record, I'm not claiming perfection here. We still have our ups and downs, and he still drives me crazy with his "black and white" way of looking at things, and I hate how as soon as we start to snuggle, he falls asleep and starts snoring really loud. BUT today is our anniversary, so today all imperfections are given a day off. Today we celebrate the positive in our relationship and focus on our love.

So yes for today he is perfect.

Because I am Super Fabulous!

Just in case anyone was wondering, I had a fabulous birthday. Why was it so fabulous you ask??? Because I recieved my easy bake oven. Ahhhh it was wonderful. The best part was telling the girls that they got to be my assistant chefs. It was quite marvolous. What did Adam get me?? A stroller. Not a stroller for me to sit in, (now that would have been the best gift EVER) it was a sit and go stroller. I've actually been wanting it for over a year. So I was quite surprised that I finally got to get it. I was even more surprised that it was given to me as a Birthday present. My mother got me a giant mat to cut my fabric on, and some nice scissors to cut fabric with.

That night Adam tried to have people over to celebrate my birthday, but he forgot one thing. Everyone leaves town for my birthday, so no one can really celebrate it. I actually felt sorry for the poor guy. He bought the HUGE Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake and made some phonecalls. Well, our good friends the Fullmers were able to come and my Em was able to come by a little bit later, but we still have a huge cake to eat. Every night he asks me if I want a piece. I told him it was hard for me to eat it, because everytime he brings out Gigantor Cake I'm just reminded how everyone leaves town. boohoo poor me (cry me a river)(i'm 28 now, I'm not supposed to be pouting) He said someday I'll get to have a party, but the poor guy is delusional. He seems to forget that my birthday is always going to be on the same day. And that people are always going to be leaving town. At least I still have Santa. Sure he comes a week late, but he is there for me every year without fail. now off to find my sd card, because I need to post pics of my easy bake oven. I made 2 cookies with it!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

One tooth short of a full mouth

No we have not recieved Adam's board scores yet. BUT EVEN MORE EXCITING!!! Paige lost her first tooth tonight.

Paige has been waiting for this life changing event ever since Kelly lost her first tooth.

Paige said: My mouth hurts
Mom said: "Dad Paige's mouth hurts"

Dad said: "Paige your tooth is really loose. Paige said: "DON'T PULL IT NOO!!"

MOM said: "The tooth fairy will bring you money"
(suddenly Paige looks more interested)

Paige (very dramatic) walks over to Dad and says "I'm ready"

Dad: Pulls it out

Story over. I hope all of Paige's teeth are this easy. Much less dramatic then when Kelly gets a loose tooth.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quick Rant

Do you ever have a conversation with someone and then you just can't get it out of your mind?
Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with someone, just kind of catching up and nothing too exciting. Children came up of course, and I mentioned that we would love to have another monster (I didn't say right now, I just meant we were not done procreating).

Her response was, " You know they don't get any easier when they are older."

And of course my response (as it always is) was, "I don't have children to make my life easier".

I've had these conversations before, they usually don't get to me. Adam and I are very confident in our decisions. We don't expect everyone to agree with our choices or support our decisions. We don't go into anything without prayer, a whole lot of it.

When it was time to have Preston, it was not a prayer. It was a statement. It was time to have another baby. I remember getting that impression loud and clear. I remember not wanting that "impression". My prayers changed. I told Heavenly Father that I knew what he was asking of me, but that I would like it if he told Adam this time. (I know It's a lot to be asking, but honestly I didn't want to bring up the conversation with Adam.)

Apparently my prayers were heard. A week later on the way to church, Adam told me that he thought that it was time to add on to our family. I smiled and told him that I already knew.

That's obviously a personal story to me. One I'm sure I will tell my children someday, I only share it to make my point. I don't wake up one morning, check the weather and say "Hey, looks like a good day to make a baby!". At some point in the future we would like to have another baby. Not because 5 is my lucky number, or because we've always wanted an odd number of children so that we can have a definite middle child. It's what's right for my family. Just like one is right for some families and 2 is a great number for others. If I felt "done" at 4, I wouldn't be ranting right now.

So here are some "Guidelines" to know when you are being rude. (In case you didn't realize it)

  • Don't assume someone wants another baby, just because they already had one.
  • Don't assume someone can just "get pregnant" just because they've done it before.

  • Don't assume that someone is done just because they have more children then you would like to have.
  • Don't assume that someone wants more just because they don't have as many as you have.
  • Don't assume someone cares what your opinion is at all. And here are some pictures of my monsters, just because I love them. What better way to end a blog entry!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I know it's a busy time of year, so I thought I would be polite and give all my friends a birthday reminder.

You have less than a week to save up for the perfect present, buy it for me, and somehow get it to me. The last part will be the hardest I think, because I'm busy. Too busy. Not a happy falalalala -freakin -la busy. Next week (supposed to be my birthday week) I have 2 class parties that I "volunteered" to be in charge of. (one of those happens to be on my birthday) I also have Girl Scouts, a Townhome Board Dinner (which we are counting for my birthday dinner, because yes we are that cheap) and Adam has boards on Monday and Tuesday.

I know you don't care, I know you are busy too. WHICH is why I am reminding you all that December 18th is my birthday. It's a big one this year. I turn the big 2-8. If you call and I don't answer it's either because I have to bake sugar cookies for Kelly's class or I'm in the middle of Paige's performance or Tommy ran out the door again naked. So leave a message and we will call it good.

P.S Project "Tommy will you ever stop wearing a pull-up" is in full gear. Ever since Adam has been home for the break he has been trying to potty train the boy. We have him in Big Boy pants, and we set the time for 50 minutes. Every 50 minutes the timer goes off and he goes potty.

He is responding well, this could be because we give him candy everytime. Imagine if you got a piece of candy every hour you were awake. You'd be pretty happy too. Adam's new concern is that he is going to get a cavity. (Ya win some, ya lose some.)

So next time you see my son he might have a mouth full of silver, but at least we are that much closer to success!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing In Action

I know you guys have been dying for me to update my blog, but there have been a few things holding me back. 1.) We have been sick. Not just one illness. I think we got them all. Marathon illnesses. I'm quite tired of coughing, sniffling, not sleeping, getting headaches and taking care of all the monsters in my house that have been sick. 2.) No one bought me a new laptop. I specifically made a "wish list" and nobody took the initiative to go out and buy me a new laptop. I am sure that underneath my Christmas Tree there will be several easy bake ovens, and bedazzlers. But nobody was willing to spend the big bucks and get us a new laptop. 3.)Internet: Since nobody gave us a new laptop, we have been having to use our computer in the basement and for some reason that computer can only stayed hooked up to the internet for 5-7 minutes at a time.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

Yes, I know I still haven't written about Paige Monsters Birthday. I will I promise. Just not today.
Today is about the Turkey. The fabulous Bird that we like to celebrate by eating him once a year.
I wonder where we went for Thanksgiving this year??? ST. LOUIS!!! (how did you ever guess).

Instead of focusing on being thankful, I'd like to focus on how tired I am of driving across the state of Missouri. I hate to break it to the "Show Me" state, I've seen all it has to offer and I am done. Way done. I am ready to move to St. Louis so that I don't have to "visit" anymore.

I've done it enough times I can now name the cities by their exit numbers. I know where my favorite Hardees is (exit 16). I know which McDonalds has an outside bathroom (which has become quite convinient) I also know there are about 3 rest stops all about 49 miles from each other.

I know I have to watch my speed around exits 126 (Columbia) and exit 203 (Foristel). Over the past few years I have only recieved one ticket during this drive and I consider that an accomplishment. (If you were stuck in a minivan by yourself with 4 children wouldn't you want to drive a little faster?)

This drive was even easier (for me), because my mom drove with me. We left a week before Thanksgiving so Adam would have a chance to study for Part 2 Boards in December.

We stayed with my mother for the first week and then migrated over to Adam's Mom for the last part. It was fun, we survived. (Have I mentioned we are tired of driving).

So in honor of Turkey Day 2008 Here are some pictures. Hope you Enjoy:

Here we are at Aunt JoJo's house.

Melanie needs to go to Sparkling Cider Anonoumous. She loves the bottle! What else can I say.
Nonnie was there too.
He called them frog fingers. I think he's pretty cute
Me and My girls. Totally adorable if you ask me.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Family Motto

I know Adam really likes that our Family Motto is "Family First".
I think we need to change it to: "Functional Families are overrated".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I don't ask for much

I don't ask for much, so here is my Christmas List:
  • A new mini-van: Preferably one were the handles do not come off and one where the Auto Shop won't know us by name. (Also one that doesn't constantly make a loud whizzing sound that for some odd reason is considered "Normal")

  • A house not connected to anyone else: Honestly I have great neighbors on both sides. But I'm done. I'm ready to be not connected. (Although I will say that if you could find me a 4bedroom Townhouse in St. Louis that was only $500 a month we would probably move in there for a few years.) So maybe I take that back. I don't really need to be unconnected, I just need to move the town homes to STL in June.

  • A Garage: I hate the winter, because I hate loading up all the monsters in the car, while trying to clean all the ice and snow off of it. I'm sure the whole "chasing Tommy" thing will make this winter even more "fun".

  • An Easy Bake Oven: Don't laugh. I've always wanted one. ALWAYS. Always been denied. I want one so badly (and no I am not joking) I remember using one at my friend's house, and I only got to be the "assistant" chef, because it was her oven. But no, no I don't need therapy.

  • A robot that Puts Clothes away: Self explanatory, I think. I mean they already have one that vacuums on it's own. They also have one that mops. Why can't I have one that flies around the house and neatly drops all of the clothes in the right drawers. I'm sure there would have to be a few prototypes to really get it right, but I'm willing to wait and work through it.

  • A Bedazzler: I have mentioned this in a previous post, yet I have still not recieved one. I'm even more excited, because on Red Neck Weddings I learned serveral new uses for it, that I hadn't even thought of.

  • A fountain Dispenser that only holds Diet Pepsi: A Glorious Idea if I do say so myself. I'm thinking Regular Diet, and Cherry Diet and Lime Diet... I'm sure my idea will catch on quickly and everyone will have them on their nightstand. (And yes, I know how awful a person I am for drinking soda and not letting my children drink it.)

  • Roller Skates: Not really practical I know. Just a thought.

  • A King Size Bed: Lately we have had many "visitors" join us in our bed at night. We don't all fit. I'm usually the one that suffers, so this would be a nice solution.

  • A King Size Room that would actually fit my New King Sized Bed: I don't know how the Co-Op would feel about us "expanding" our town home. We would probably have to chop down a tree or 2, but it would all be worth it if in the end I had my brand new King Sized Bed.

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones that only play "I will Survive" and "Don't cha wish your girlfriend were hot like me" : No explanation needed.

  • Tap Shoes

  • A NEW COMPUTER THAT WORKS: (Instead of one that doesn't have the Internet at all (or a functioning battery), one that doesn't turn on and one that only stays connected to the Internet for 7.5 minutes at a time)

  • A Nanny: I have recently discovered that Tommy doesn't know his colors and has no desire to learn them. Therefore I am failing as a mother and must have a temporary replacement.

  • A Vacation: This one gets tricky. Although I would like a vacation without the children, what I really want is a vacation where the kids are with us for half of the time. So I'm thinking, something like Adam and I go to Disney World for 4 days by ourselves. Then we have the monsters shipped to us for the remaining 3 days. I will have eaten enough Churros and gone on enough rides that I will be missing my children and be ready for them to join us.

So that is the first part of my list. I'm sure I will think of more later and update my list. Don't worry I won't hold it against you if you can only get me one thing from my list.

Monday, November 10, 2008

About my head

Just because my face is looking fuller in pictures, doesn't necessarily mean I'm getting fatter. It could just mean that my head is growing larger.

There is some food for thought. Speaking of food... I have to go eat something I'm sure.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Change is coming...

in the weather.

My ankle has been hurting today, so I'm sure that my happy 70 degree weather is leaving me.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Don't worry I will be posting Paige's birthday post soon, I just wanted to get my Halloween pictures up, so that my family can see how cute their grandbabies (or nieces and nephews) were.
Halloween actually went well. No one was lost, no one ate poisoned candy... yet, There were no tears!
To be honest Halloween isn't my holiday. I have several neighbors that love the holiday. They get all dressed up, they work hard on their costumes or they have great decorations.

At the Wehrmeister house we decorate pumpkins about 4 days before Halloween and then I say "Okay what do you want to be on Halloween."

This year I did plan ahead a little. I knew if I gave Paige a Barbie Castle Diamond Princess Dress for her birthday, that she would want to wear it for Halloween. I was right! (One down 3 more to dress.)
Kelly was Dorothy last year, and I bought the costume a little big so that it would last. SO That's what she wanted to go as again! (Halfway done now)
Preston's costume was on sale last year. I got it at Gymboree for $4.95.
Tommy didn't have a choice, since Preston was a pirate that's what Tommy was going to be too.

They are the super cutest pirates I have seen. Tommy does a really good Aaarrgh, for his pirate impersonation. Preston kinda just sits and smiles, but we love him anyway.

Here is Mr. Preston and his Hayden. As soon as we put Hayden in with him he started smiling and laughing. It will be sad when we have to leave all of these great people. Built in best friends on every corner. Who could ask for more.

This is my "Little bit of Crazy"

This is the best picture I got of all 4 of them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ONEderful (yep, thought of that one myself)

I know I am behind on this post, but I've been busy watching my house get messier. (Laziness is hard work sometimes, you really have to fight those urges to do something productive.)

. My hands will be tired shortly from all this typing. I will definitely have to stop and rest when I finish.
So on October 12th, my happy little monster turned 1 ! YEAH GO PRESTON!
It was really nice to have my mom and dad visit for his birthday. We had a good time and the kids had a blast.
Here is Pres opening up his present from Grampy.

He had to stop for a snack. Being one can really be exhausting you know.

Here is my version of a cake. An easy cake. I don't claim for this cake to be anything except ordinary. I used 99 cent box of cake and frosting from a container. You always see pictures of the perfect cakes on blogs, so I thought that I would show you average. As long as you don't strive for excellence, average is acceptable.

Preston kinda likes my average cake... I stuck his hands in it myself.

Here I am with My Dad and the Star of the night.

Here are my cupcakes.

We do have friends! Thanks to everyone who came and made Preston's day special (for me, he's not going to remember it.). I could go on about how sweet and wonderful my neighbors are, but we all know that they came for the free food.

You might be looking at this picture thinking about how sweet he looks, and how big his eyes are or that he has eyelashes.

The only thing that I think of is how Adam picked out the bib the "Daddy Loves Me" bib on purpose. Totally not fair. It should have been the "Mommy spent the last year nursing me while you didn't have to deal with the feedings" bib. But that one was in the washing machine

So this is the part of the post where I tell you how special and wonderful my son is (it's in the blog bragger rules).

The truth is, a year ago I would never EVER have thought that this boy was going to be such a happy child.

He was a crier, a screamer, a non sleeper, we called him our bi polar baby. He was incredibly difficult, and if he would have been my first child I would probably have ended up in a deep depression thinking that all babies were like that.

In fact, my initial plan when I named him was to call him P.J. I thought it was a nice nickname. The only problem was that I thought he was to grumpy to be a P. J. The baby I had envisioned was going to be cuddly and sweet, cry little, laugh often... That was not Baby Preston.

But one day he changed:

  • Now he sleeps well, cries little, and laughs often.
  • He smiles with his whole face. And when he smiles at you, you feel like you are the most important person in the room.
  • He thinks his sisters are the best, and he knows that his brother is trouble.
  • He refuses to say mama, and rarely says dada.
  • He is almost walking
  • He waves and says Hi
  • His best friend is Hayden and His girlfriend is Lorelai. (Although she does like to bite his bum and slap him around occasionally.)
  • He likes to sing, although he is tone deaf. (Poor Boy sounds like his mom)

I know his list of accomplishments will bore many of you, but to me it represents the past year of my life. We had a rocky start with Mr. Preston, I am so happy with the little monster that he is growing into.

Happy Birthday Preston-dido. Your Mom thinks you are


Monday, October 20, 2008

Parenting Tip #115 1/2

We watched Pollyanna last week.

This week Tommy was climbing a tree. He was getting pretty high.

What was Adam's response?... "Remember what happened to Pollyanna".
(for those who forgot, she fell and was paralyzed)

What a guy. That is obviously our parenting tip of the week.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have not forgotten you

So I have a post I'm working on with pictures of my One year old (YEAH! Go Preston, you survived a year with the Tommy-Monster).
In the meantime, I've decided that I need more naps. I know that the word "more" implies that I actually get to nap, but that is not the case. I would like a daily naptime that consists of a king size sleep number bed, noise cancelling headphones, a big body pillow, a down comforter, the ceiling fan on high speed, the lights off, and the television on HGTV so that I can fall asleep while imagining how I will decorate my dream home... now I'm drooling (sorry, bad habit)

Well, later I will take a picture of my living room so that you can see why I haven't posted lately. Actually, when you look at the picture you will probably think "If she hasn't been posting, and she hasn't taken care of that bomb in the living room, what has she been doing?"

Oh and here is a picture of me and Adam. There really is no point to posting it, except that I don't have any other pictures to post.

ETA: For the record this picture was taken 8 years ago 2 months before Adam and I were married. Homecoming on the Heber Creeper 2000. Adam was 21 and I was 19.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Missionary 101

So by now everyone knows that on Saturday it was announced that Kansas City is getting a temple! Wahoo! I'm excited, but I can't act too excited, because I leave next Springish/Summerish.

When I was a teenager I got to experience the St. Louis temple being built. It was amazing, wonderful and all those other happy adjectives that you are thinking of. In fact, I was going through my super old scrapbook last week and found the page with my "Open House Ticket" on it. It brings back memories. I am so happy for all of my friends here who will get to experience the blessings of helping prepare their friends for the temple.

Okay so now for my favorite part of building a temple... THE QUESTIONS!! Once they break ground, people start to notice that something is going on, then they feel like they can ask you questions. (which is a good thing). I love the questions from people who don't know about the church. See everyone has preconceived ideas about my religion and the best conversation starter is of course The Temple.

So my big recommendation to everyone in the Kansas City area is: Be prepared for questions!! All Sorts!! It's like going through a Missionary Class. People will be watching!

And on that note: What is the strangest question that you have been asked about your religion?

(P.S Adam will be so excited that I posted a blog entry about Religion. He thinks I am anti-missionary work.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

11 New Voice Mails

I hate listening to voice mail messages. I don't know why, maybe I need a therapist. So if you are one of those 11 messages, I apologize. It's not you, it's me...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Adam skipped school for me!

It's taken a few years, but I finally convinced Adam to skip school for me! Yeah for Jen! Actually his afternoon patient cancelled and I asked him not to find a replacement.

The girls did not have school on Friday, and I thought it would be fun to have some family time. We have a great place out hear called Deanna Rose Farmstead. (Similar to Grants Farm, but better). We had a great time. No major problems, or emergencies. Actually for blogging purposes, it was pretty boring. "Boring" is nice though, when you are out with your whole family. This is one of those days that I can think back to whenever I get stressed.

It was a good day, with the people I love more than chocolate. Days like this give me hope that my children might grow up to be productive members of society.

You can't tell from the look on his face, but he was so excited to ride the horse. He is concentrating on holding on tight.

Preston in the trees.

She's wonderful. Amazing. kind. obedient. smart. and no she's not for sale. (yes I'm bragging. I know that. I'm okay with that. It's my blog, I can brag when I want)

Adam was the Tommy Chaser. I can handle the other 3, but my leg doesn't let me hop fences and run super fast yet.

Speaking of jumping fences, there he goes again. Don't worry, Adam was hot on his trail.

She loved this. Kelly decided to opt out of riding the horse, but that didn't really surprise me.

Days like this have me missing the time when all my monsters are home together.They really are good friends. I know this won't last forever, so I should probably take as many pictures as possible.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conversation with Adam

Jen: "I don't really want to be a parent today"

Adam: "Well you're doing good so far!"

Gotta love him!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Kelly learned at school today

Girls go to college to get more knowledge,
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.
Obviously a female college graduate came up with this little poem.
Don't worry, I did the right thing as a parent. I told Kelly that it was mean and that she couldn't say it and that we have to be nice.

Then when she left the room, I laughed.
Speaking of Kelly, this past Saturday she was in her first parade! I was so proud of my brave little girl. If it were Paige, it wouldn't have been such a big deal, but Kelly has been afraid of everything since she was a baby. She walked with a friend from school and handed out candy. She got to wear a clown costume so she was pretty excited.

It was fun to sit and watch the parade. Obviously you know my favorite part. Here is what you have been waiting for... PICTURES!

She's already got a super model wave!

Here she comes...

Nonnie took this pic for us. Obviously the sun is in our eyes. And no it's not a coincidence that everyone is wearing their BYU shirt. Adam makes everyone wear their BYU shirt on Game day. Mine was in the car. I was the rebel that just got back from Jupiter.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to St. Louis

So my friend Denae asked when we are moving back to St. Louis. I found that funny, because anyone who lives by me has to put up with my monthly countdown. It was one year left!, then 10 months left! and now we are at 7 1/2 months left. So in honor of my constant countdown here is a picture from when we lived in St. Louis last time. We lived in the ward that I grew up in. I moved in when I was 4 months pregnant with Paige and we moved out when Tommy was one month old.

Sorry that it's blurry, but it's a picture of a picture.

I love Kansas City. I really do. This is home. This is where my kids go to school. This is where I had Preston. This will be 4 years of our life. I love it here. I miss family, not St. Louis. (I do like St. Louis, but family first) I miss Sunday night dinners, Poppy's Pancakes, Saturday donuts with Grampy, sleepovers with Gram, Church with Family, walking to Nonnie's house, Loving Aunts that adore their nieces and nephews. More dates and free babysitting.

I know that I still get family out here, family visits alot (even more this October with 2 birthdays ), but it's not the same.

So there you go 7 1/2 months to go, till Adam is done with school. But we will enjoy the rest of our time here.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jesus is coming to my House

Speaking of super smart children... (sarcasm) Paige has had a really hard time understanding her Sunday School lesson from Church. In our Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) we pay tithing. We give one tenth of all the money we make back to the Lord.

Since they were learning about tithing, Paige's teacher gave each child 10 cents. Then they each put 1 cent in a tithing envelope and gave it to a member of the Bishopric. Then he put the other 9 cents in a little container for the child to take home... This is where he lost Paige.

All week long Paige has been carrying around her little container calling it her Tithing. She says "My teacher gave me tithing at Church on Sunday". Then whenever she finds change around the house she will run and grab her little container and say "Mom, I found more tithing!". Adam and I have tried several times to explain how WRONG she is, but we just aren't getting through to her cute little 4 year old brain.

So today she comes up to me with her little "tithing" container and says, "Mom, when is Jesus coming to take his tithing from me". I tried not to start laughing. Then I told her if she put it under her pillow it would be gone in the morning. She got really excited for a moment. I of course realized how WRONG it was for me to get her hopes up like that. She started yelling "Jesus is Coming!". Poor super confused girl

Don't worry, as soon as I figured out that she actually believed me, I told her that I was joking and that's not how it works. She looked at me and said, "Mom, you joked me!"

So, now we are back at square one. She still has her tithing that she carries around, and she still is not grasping the concept. Oh and just for the record, I'm not looking for ideas on how to explain it to her. I've given up. If you see her, you can explain it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

For the Record

I've been reading some of my posts lately and I just wanted to let my "world wide friends" know that I do think my children are smart. I might mention some of their not so glamorous stories, but at the end of the day I do think they are mucho inteligente (ignore the spelling, we all know that I don't really speak Spanish).

I guess I just don't find it as "therapeutic" to talk about how perfect they are and about how Kelly can count backwards blindfolded. But this does bring up a good question.

Do you think everyone thinks their child is a genius, or do you think the parents of the not so bright ones realize that their child will never be in the gifted program. (hmmm... Tommy is filling my shoe with cheerios as I type, maybe I'm the parent of the not so bright one).

Oh and on that note, Yesterday Adam decided to leave Tommy naked again (Surprise!). Tommy comes up and said he wet on the table in the basement. I looked at Adam, because It was not my idea to leave him naked and send him to the basement. Adam goes down to clean up the mess, and on his way back up he said, "That wasn't exactly what I was expecting" Adam comes up the stairs holding a little Dollhouse Table. Apparently Tommy's aim is getting better and he can now hit little targets like dollhouse furniture.

Like I said, my children are Super inteligente!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ethical Dilemma

I guess it's not really an ethical dilemma. I'm being over-dramatic (I must get it from Paige). I want to cut my hair. I want to cut a big chunk of it off. I like my hair shorter. Not super short. Just chin length short. It's hair it grows right?

The dilemma part is my husband. He has it stuck in his mind that he likes long hair (poor fool). The funny thing is, is that when I met him I had short hair. When we were engaged I had short hair and when we were married I had short hair. He always survives when I get my hair cut, but it doesn't take the guilties away from me.

Anyone who knows Adam knows he asks VERY LITTLE of me. He is easily pleased and never requests anything. Except for this. Not that he even "requests" it. But when the subject of me cutting my hair comes up (which is daily at this point), he just looks at my hair longingly and says I do like your hair long, or I've always preferred long hair (wow look at my major run on incorrectly written sentence. English majors ignore please).

So I tried to get around the cutting it, by just coloring it (besides the fact that I wouldn't let that women come near my hair with scissors). I LOVE the color and it really has helped my "I feel sexy" factor, but I still long to have it cut. I just feel prettier with shorter hair. I feel like I look my age. I'm 27. I want to feel young, look young (we all already know I act young). It's hard sometimes to feel sexy with four monsters.

I am not good at that whole "Husband comes home to beautiful family, clean house, dinner waiting and hot and sexy mama wearing stunning apron and high heels."

Adam walks into: Running children, Naked Tommy, Baby Crying, Dinner? What's That?, Kelly whining, Paige singing, hot and Sweaty mama wearing pajamas and a leg brace with old teal crocs on.

So do I actually think a haircut will suddenly make the planets align so that I can now accomplish all of my "over-achieving goals" for the day. YES I do. I think it will make a difference.

I think I have to remember how super beautiful I am, before it's too late. I don't want to wake up one morning when all of my children have gone off to school and realize that I have forgotten to take care of myself. I'm more important then that, and Adam deserves a wife who loves herself as much as he loves me... and he loves me alot, so that's alot of Jen-Loving I've got to start having.

Ethical Dilemma Solved. Thank you for your time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Website of the Day

I've been hiding one of my favorite websites from my friends. I know I'm evil. It's actually been for selfish reasons as well. You see this website has all sorts of neat products to buy. You can come up with a ton of great ideas just by looking at some of these things.

Sooo I obviously haven't spread the word, because I would like my friends to believe that I came up with super ideas, when actually it wasn't me. It was a beautiful blonde from Las Vegas (although she is originally from STL, if that counts for anything.)

So those keychains I gave to my friends...not my idea. Sorry the truth would come out eventually.

So the only reason I am probably confessing is that it's almost one in the morning. Once I am sane again, I will most likely take this post off my blog so that I can keep it for myself.

Maybe someday I'll come up with a really good idea to blog about. I mean she goes around and finds "fun finds" I need a gimmick. Maybe I can find the crappiest things on the internet. Or maybe I can find free crappy things. Oh wait It needs to sound good together, doesn't sound like a winner. Maybe I should go to bed, and try to come up with a better idea in the morning.

Good Night!

OH and I really do think you should check out that website, just because I'm bitter and cranky doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to find fabulous fun finds.

Oh and just so you know, have a good laugh at "Naked Leapfrog" while you can. It will be coming down in a few days.

Not because I think that the Police are coming after me, it has more to do with that in 10 years from now I don't want my son to walk into a class and have someone say "Aren't you the boy who used to be play naked leapfrog. "

I'm sure that I'll save the pic for future moments where I want to make his life difficult, but I don't want him to know what cards I have... if you know what I'm saying. If you don't know what I'm saying it could be because the time is now 1:02 in the morning. I don't think I even know what I'm saying anymore. Oh well. Goodnight! Again.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

If you liked BAT MOON...

So in my last post I had a beautiful "Bat Moon" picture. Since I had such a good response to it, I thought I would add another one from this weekend.

We call it "Naked Leapfrog"

Oh, and don't think that we LET him go out side. Tommy has figured out deadbolts, chains, and of course the regular locks. He is also quick like lightning, and as quiet as a super undercover spy (when he needs to be). I also hate to say this, but this isn't his first naked time outside.

Oh and to all you "Believers" in potty training. I prefer diapers over potty training. My next child is going to be 10 before we try this again. AND potty training wasn't my idea, it was Adam's he decided to start leaving my son naked. Yes, it has been working, but I HATE Potty Training. (have I said this enough yet)

For example on Sunday the Nursery Teacher brought me my son who had pee all over his pants. She said he went potty, but didn't pull his pants down enough! Great just what I need a pee kid. My kid is the one at church that always smells like pee. This Sunday, I'm bringing spare pants.

Have I mentioned that I hate potty training? I hate cheering over my son peeing (because half of it usually ends up all over him), I hate teaching children how to wipe their bums, and I hate that my whole neighborhood gets to see a streaker on a daily basis. Yes, I said daily. Oh well, I'm sure someday Adam and I will be done having children (I hope), but with my luck I will have no bladder control left and I will be in diapers. HA! Wouldn't that be my luck!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fabulous Family Fun Weekend with the Burneson's

Over our Labor Day weekend we were SUPPOSED to go to Nauvoo with our friends the Burnesons. The Man (James) decided that we weren't worth spending that much gas money on, so his wife Emily came up with a new plan, a plan that I thought was a bit Crazy...

(This is a reenactment, some word might have been changed, because my memory is no longer the Gem it used to be)

Emily: Since James said we can't go to Nauvoo, we have come up with a new plan.

Fabulous Me: What ? (losing faith in the cause)

Emily: You guys can come over Sunday Night and SLEEPOVER!! The whole family. We can put the kids down and play games all night. James will make us a fabulous breakfast Monday morning it will be wonderful!

Jen: What? Are you serious? Emily, you are crazy. (really believing for a split second that my sweet dear friend who just had a baby might be losing it)

Emily: What! No it will be a blast! Just you wait. If you were coming into town to stay with me where would you stay?? At my house!

Jen: That's true... BUT we could just have you guys over to sleep?

Emily: Okay then, we will sleep at your house on Friday Night, and our house on Sunday Night! (she was super duper excited).

Jen: Emily you are crazy! But okay.

Emily: Just you wait Jen, This is going to become the new Hit! Everyone is going to want to have a sleepover at the Burnesons.

So we did it. We went through with it. We had our very first Adult Family Sleepover, and I was WRONG it was a Blast! There were no pillow fights, but we still had tons of pee in your pants moments (Which is all that matters in the life of 2 women with little to no bladder control.)

We played True Colors, Settlers, and the men tried to convince us into a game of Risk.

The kids get around great. The Burneson Boys are great, my girls love them. (Tommy loves everyone so his opinion doesn't really count)

So of course here are some pictures. I hope you can contact Emily and line up your own Family Fun Weekend with the Burnesons! You won't regret it.

I apologize for all the pictures, but I just couldn't narrow it down any further. In fact, once I get some of Em's, I might be back with MORE!

There is really nothing to add about this picture, I think it shows you just how special James is.

Tommy with pants on, I had to put this picture in, because most of the ones with Tommy are of him pottty training, so he is Buffing it alot thse days.

This is who I would choose to walk down a dark alley with. He is the cutest, sweetest, toughest boy around. He will give great hugs and share his crackers with you, but if you turn on him he can take you out in 5 different ways... no joke.

Fountain Running. Since our Fun weekend took place in "The city of fountains" instead of "City Beautiful" I thought it would be appropriate to add some fountains.

How many men does it take to install a baby gate? Just count em!

Although Paige is cute, she is not the "highlight" of this pic, we call it BatMoon. (remember, boy pottytraining)

Thank you Adam, for getting a pull up on our streaker.

late night, pee in your pants laughing

Emily losing... again.

This is the only way to keep the boys contained.


Adam giving James an early morning wake up.