Friday, October 30, 2009

Reason 3,501 Why Adam rocks.

Adam: Ohhh that women is too skinny.

Jenn: (Good, we don't like skinny in this house!)

Okay, now off topic. Here are a couple of pics of my husband, being a caveman... Well a 21st century caveman.

When we bought the house, we couldn't get the gas fireplace to work. Adam/sexy caveman worked a couple of hours on it, and VOILA we have FIRE!!!

So of course the kids insisted on turning off the lights, getting a flashlight and having Daddy read them stories. Quite cute.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When Tommy learned to speak

Anyone who has spent time with our family knows that we have been worried about Tommy's speech since he was a baby monster.

He just didn't care about anything. He didn't cry in his crib, because he didn't care that he was there. He didn't sit up for a long time, cause he didn't want to see anything. Time out didn't work, because he was content doing nothing. And He didn't speak, because he didn't have anything to say.

Well he speaks now, and we love it. Nothing makes me happier than listening to his constant talking. It's nice to hear a voice come from that beautiful face.

So here is what he has been saying lately:

Daddy: Wow Tommy, that's a nice bruise you have on your cheek.

Tommy: Why thank you.


Tommy: Daddy, Do pickles come from frogs?

Daddy: No, Tommy they don't.


Tommy: Where does Preston come from?

Daddy: Frogs.


Tommy: (Hands Nonnie a little grape)

Nonnie: (Eats it)

Tommy: NO!!! Now it won't grow up to be a big grape.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The day the children ran away... and the school counselor called.

2 weekends ago PaigeMonster and her partner in crime Tommy decided to run-away. They have wanted to for a couple of days, but it had been raining so I told them they had to wait.
Saturday rolls around and it was a beautiful (and a little chilly) day. Paige asked Adam if they could run-away and told him they would be back for lunch.
Dad said it was fine, but that they had to stay in the driveway.
They took sleeping bags, pillows, umbrellas, clothes (even pullups for the nighttime), coloring books, and of course backpacks full of STUFF.
After they came in for lunch, they put their PJ's on and went back out to finish their Runaway day. I have to say it was a great day for me too. It's so much easier to get things accomplished in the house when the monsters are outside of the house.
So these pics are adorable and the monsters had a blast.
On Monday it was rainy, so the kids "Ran Away" to Tommy's room.

Tuesday Morning came around and it was also rainy, Paige was off to school, but before she left she asked if she could run-away. I told her it was too cold and rainy, so she would have to runaway to the sunroom today... no problem (I thought)

11 AM rolls around and the phone rang, it was Paige's counselor. Apparently Paige went in to her teacher and told him that she was running away, but not to worry because she would be back in November...

I tried not to laugh (It took alot). When Monster came home, we had a little chat.
I didn't realize that a great imagination, would end up in a phone call from the school. Lesson Learned.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just another Sunday.

Nothing exciting here, just another Sunday. The kids wanted to use the camera, so I let them take a couple of pictures.
Acutally I took this one. I just looked at her and couldn't believe how big she is getting. So I had to grab my camera, before I wake up tomorrow and find her grown, married with a family. It always amazes me how fast they grown up. Please make her stop.
Tommy took this priceless picture. I mean I am quite grateful that he left out my other 3 stomachs and part of my bad hair day, but hey I kind of like it. Here is Kelly's work of art. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I did crop it down some, but I was very happy to have a picture with me and my boys. I am not in many pictures, so this was a nice change.
Tommy the frog. No story, just Tommy

MiniMonster turns 2

Who Could not just Love this Face??
We just love our little monster! Tomorrow he turns 2 and I made some cupcakes tonight to celebrate.

He's a smart little guy and the more words he says, the happier we get. He blabbers in his own little language mixed with real words here and there.

He loves playing with his brother and sisters, and doesn't realize that he's not the same age or size as they are. He sleeps great through the night (Wish I could say the same for his older brother), and can give great mean looks just like his oldest sister.

Here is Daddy and Preston decorating his cupcake. Preston was being very careful and picking up one sprinkle at a time and placing it on his cupcake.

This was my favorite part, because he even knew the right time to blow out the candles. Without being told.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

January 19th

So I went to see my fabulous Dr. today and this is the day we decided on. January 19th is when Grand Finale will be joining our mad house.

As long as everything goes smoothly with the delivery and baby is healthy, we will be coming home from the hospital on Kelly's birthday! (Jan. 23rd).

Baby Monster looked good at the check up.I got to see her in 3-D and it was pretty neat. She still looks a little alien-esque, but it was fun. They also gave me my pre-registration package from the hospital. I'm just so happy to be having this monster back in St. Louis, with the Dr. that I love in the hospital that I love the most.

Tommy Boy doesn't exactly understand how this whole baby thing works.

The other day he asked: "Soo the baby is cut out of your tummy?"

Mommy: "Yep, the Dr. gets the baby out of mommy's tummy and then sew mommy up."

Tommy: "That's going to be gross, the baby is going to be covered in all the food in your tummy"

Daddy: "Yep, the baby comes out looking gross, but not from the food"