Friday, August 29, 2008


Note to Self: Too many no-bake cookies for breakfast = tummy ache.

Obviously I'm brilliant

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Laziest Over-Achiever around

I've decided that if I had to pick a title for myself that is what it would be. "The Laziest Over-Achiever." It has a nice ring to it if you ask me. Actually, I think I should write a book about it, except that I'm too lazy to do it, plus... I don't read.

This whole back to school time has been busy, too busy. It goes against everything us lazy people believe in. First we have back to school night, where somehow I ended up signing up for 2 committees and girls scouts. While there they also tell us about Parent/Teacher Orientation the following week (you mean I have to go back to the school?).

Luckily that is on Thursday, because on Tuesday I have New Scout Leader Orientation (Oh, did I forget to mention that on a whim I said I'd be the Assistant Daisy Troop Leader), Wednesday I have a Townhome Board meeting (because while I was sitting at home twiddling my lazy thumbs I decided that the lazy people of the townhomes needed some quality representation). Sooo that leaves Thursday open for my Orientation on how to be a Parent. I wish that they had this orientation when my children were born, I feel like it is several years past due.

Lately I've been feeling kind of guilty about calling myself lazy. I know that legally I am a card carrying member of the laziness club, but if I keep up this whole "volunteering to look cool" bit, I will have to drop out, I guess that really isn't a big deal though because us lazy people are too lazy to have meetings for our club.

Well, I guess I'm done rambling now, so I will go. But I thought I should put in a few disclaimers.

  • I started this post a few days ago, but was too lazy to post it, soo that's why the days with my meetings have come and gone.
  • I didn't have any pictures of me being lazy, because well... lazy people don't take pictures of that often, SO I thought that I would add in a few pictures that I have been too lazy to put on here before.

Preston drives for the first time.

Poppy has a Grandbaby party

Two cute little girls, looking cute. Their hair was much cuter at the beginning of the night, but this was the end result.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Where will you be???

Where will you be on May 9th, 2009... I'll be watching my husband graduate.

Today was: Pretend we only have boys Saturday

This past Saturday the girls had a birthday party to go to so we had 3 fun filled hours where we saw what life would be like without the girls. We started out by going to this little train track by our house. It is only open on Saturdays and it costs 50 cents a ride (super cheap, super perfect). And even better it goes around the track 2 whole times!! Yep you heard me right, it doesn't just do the basic one lap, it goes around twice... and there is a tunnel. How super cool is that!
We were able to buy a card of 10 rides, for $4.50. Tommy loved it, and Preston didn't seem to mind. He just kind of sat there.

Look at cutie patootie and his mom. We really did have a good time. Tommy is so different from the girls. He's like tons of fun with less hormones.

Here is Tommy getting ready to go in the tunnel. Everyone screams in the tunnel, so after the first couple of times around, he finally caught on to cover his ears. He's a pretty smart cookie.

So after we had our fun time with the trains, We went to our first Air Show. The girls have never really been interested in planes, so we haven't been. But now that we have 2 little boy monsters it adds a whole new set of fun things for the family to do.

Here we are riding the shuttle over to the planes. I think this was a highlight for Tommy. He just sat there and stared out the window.

Tommy was in charge of the diaper bag (although he thought it was his bookbag)

My cute man is still short on words, so moments like these I would just love to know what he is thinking. Obviously he is deep in thought.

Brotherly love. We really did have a fun day together.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just a thought...

Next time I get pregnant, I want the epidural at the same time I get the plus sign on the pregnancy test.

Yeah, thats right. I'm a wimp.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blue Steel

So after sitting on the couch for 2 months, my hair kind of got forgotten. So I woke up on Wednesday morning and decided it was time to get my hair highlighted! Yeah for me. It's not that easy to find someone last minute to do you hair.
I LOVE my hair. BUT I would not recommend her to ANYONE! I don't know how safe it would be. I think I just might have gotten lucky. This is how my conversation went with her:
Jen: "So how long have you worked here"

Beauty Barn Lady: "Today is my first day"

Jen: (concerned, but not showing it) "Wow, that's fun... Where did you work"

BBL: "Actually I haven't done hair for over 2 years. I was living in a small town and working at the gas station."

Jen: "Ohh..." (really what do you say to that)

BBL: Before that I worked at Regis in the mall. (Which wasn't comforting, because that was the ONE place that I was instructed by Kiera NOT to go).

Jen: (about 10 minutes later) "I don't think I will be able to get my hair cut tonight, because I am short on time."

So yes, that was a close call. Who knows maybe she would have surprised me, but I wasn't taking any chances. Not with my hair. Not this time.
Here is the outcome. I like to call it Blue Steel. I learned how to make all of my model moves from watching Zoolander. And if anyone watches Zoolander and finds it completely inappropriate, just remember I fastforwarded all the bad parts... or at least that's what I'm telling you.

Who's that Hot Sexy Mama... Oh oh it's me!

Close up on the color. This pose is La Tigre...Here is my full body pose, I cropped out the rest of my body, so that my friends wouldn't be jealous. When you are as totally good looking as I am, you have to be kind and remember those that aren't.

Monday, August 18, 2008

From Tea Parties to Toy Trucks

So today Ms Paige Monster started preschool again. Now for anyone who doesn't know, Paige is a Peer Model at a preschool that has children with delays. It could be a speech delay, or Downs, or behavior disorder. There are many possibilities. Now how Paige Monster passed the peer test is BEYOND me. She obviously snowed them. Last year I was worried she wouldn't make it a week, but to my surprise they loved her! So now we start another year of school for my monster.

Which leads me to my new life! Toy trucks, Choo choo trains and constant wrestling matches! Oh what a life. I am now home with 2 boys. I no longer have my 2 princesses to play dress up and tea party with. I am now the mother to fire fighters, ninja warriors and rail road conductors.

I am actually pretty excited about this next step in my life. Anyone who knows me knows that as much as I make my girls look perfect, I was SO NOT a girly girl growing up. I was a jeans, tshirt and quick ponytail kind of girl. In fact in 5th grade my best friend told me that she admired me for not caring that my socks didn't match. (I had never even thought about it. I would just grab what was convenient)

As much as I have enjoyed the past 6 1/2 years of Girlifying my life I am looking forward to running to the store without having to worry about brushed hair, bows and ruffle socks. As long as the shoes light up, Tommy will wear them.

So here are some pics of Paige on her way to school. And some pics of the boys celebrating their house free from sisters!

Actually the boys just went into the kitchen and are being quiet... I better go.

Don't worry Paige did wear shoes to school. This picture was taken 3 hours before she had to leave. She insisted on taking pictures ahead of time.
Tommy really wants to go to school. He tried to get on Kellys Bus last Wednesday, and got out his backpack to try again today.

See Shoes!! I wouldn't let her go without them

Oh and the celebration begins! Believe it or not Tommy is pretty easy on Preston. Well, usually.

Preston showing how cute he is when he stands up. Even though that is the basement door and it could come flying open at any minute.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ode to Beautiful Children!

I know that this should actually be called "Kelly's First Day of First Grade", but I think she looks adorable today, so therefore she deserves an Ode (honestly, I don't think I really know what an ode is, but I'm going to do my best here.)
Secondly, I know that I am bragging on my beautiful child, but if you were to see my baby pictures you would understand why I am shocked to have such a beautiful girl.(not that I was super ugly, but I was no Gerber Baby)
Yesterday Kelly asked me if I would curl her hair for school! I tried to keep my composure (although, we all know how excited I really was) I said sure! Right there is a HUGE difference between my beauty and me.

I remember my school picture day for First Grade. My mother decided to curl my hair for school pictures (she might say I wanted it, but I would say she is delusional) I already had my hair in a pixie cut so it was super short. Now anyone knows that you don't curl short hair, because then it just looks stupid. Once my mother started she couldn't stop, well you can't really I guess. Half a head of curls would probably have looked even worse. It was a battle for both of us. In the end I think it turned out to be a losing battle for both of us.

I ended up with the awful curls, and she ended up with a daughter who's hair resembled Bozo the Clown. When I looked in the mirror I started bawling (it really was that bad). Then she tried to make it all better by letting me wear one of her necklaces. It didn't really help though, it's kind of like when your child falls and breaks their head open. Sure you can give them an ice cream, but that doesn't change the fact that their head is broken.
With my head of curls, someone should have broken my head... yes it was that bad.


So in honor of what a head of curls should look like, I have posted some pics from this morning. Kelly was really excited for school. I'd like to say that I was excited for her too, but I'm not. I enjoy her company, her smile, her sense of humor and her love for her siblings. She is the peace maker among them. She is the program director for all things imaginative and I am going to miss her... again.

Annual 1st Day of School Picture on Porch

Annual First Day of School Picture with Parents

Annual First Day of School Candid Shot

Annual 1st Day of School Picture with sister on Front Porch

Annual 1st Day of School Picture on Bus with friends

Delaney, Sophie and Kelly. Too bad that sticker is in the way

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Memory Lane (Totally Cheesy, but come on)

I've seen this everywhere now, and I'm finally going to SUCK IT UP and post it. Now for all of you stalkers out there (Yes you...) I expect you to participate as well. If not I will threaten to make my blog private just so you can't read it... And don't think that I won't!
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! (Except about smelly feet. Please don't mention smelly feet) 2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I wish I lived in a Musical

All I want is a room somewhere... Now is the time to sieze the day!...We've got trouble my friends, right here in River City... Do you hear the people sing singing the songs of angry men... I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

So obviously I just got back from seeing Mama Mia!, which I loved, because it reminded me that my dream is to live in a musical. I want to be able to break into a show tune and have everyone follow along. I want to start doing my over choreographed dance and have the world dance right beside me. I want to sing and for the notes to be on key!

(Obviously this is not a realistic dream, but give the broken leg girl a break... get it give her a break oh never mind)

I remember when I first moved out to Utah to go to school, I was only 17 (is anyone else suddenly thinking of the Dancing Queen song... oh nevermind again) I had 5 fabulous roommates who were not expecting to get a young one for their roommate. They probably were even more horrified when I wanted to memorize a song and dance and take it to a grocery store and suddenly break out in song. I thought it would be neat to start with a tapping foot, then add a whistle then before you knew it we would be pushing our carts running down the aisles and we would all be singing the same song!

Doesn't it sound amazing.

Well obviously my dream never panned out (Even though if I remember correctly I think I did have a couple of takers).

The closest thing I have now is an adorable husband who ALWAYS thinks he knows the words to a song. And if he doesn't he just mumbles his way through. I do have a good red-headed friend that will join me on every song I start. She makes me feel not so strange.

I'm really not getting anywhere with this post so I better go to bed since it's 1am. I will leave you with this.

Next time you are in the grocery store and you hear a little humming or whistling, don't be afraid to break into song and dance. Do it for me! Just think, What Would Jen Do?