Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wehrmeisters on Wheels!!

So since I am broken right now. I thought there was only one sensible thing to do. Put EVERYONE on wheels and see if anyone else broke anything. Lets test Fate! Right?

Actually I was "on vacation" (that's what Adam calls my broken leg) and Adam came in and said that they were going rollerskating. So I took one of my few adventures outside, just to take some pics.

We are NOT roller skaters. not even close to it. There is no grace in these pictures, no floating on the sidewalk, No turns or tricks. There was a lot of prayer involved as I took these pictures. I am just glad that they all made it out of this experience alive

Don't let the smile fool you. There was no movement in this picture. She was standing still. Right after I took this picture she fell on her bum and started crying. She was not moving at the time... otherwise she could have done some real damage.

Yep, doesn't Tommy look like a natural here. He finally let go for the next picture.

And He's off! Go Tommy Go!!

And He's down... It's okay. The Wehrmeisters were just made to look pretty, not to really accomplish anything with their lives. It's not like I thought my children would make it to the rollerskating Olympics, but it would have been nice.

At least Paige has been able to find the true reason for rollerskating. It's all about the picture. At the end of the day that's all that really matters... right?

So obviously our Skating expedition only lasted for 15 minutes. By then they had all fallen so many times they were ready to hang up their wheels for the night. If I wasn't broken I could have shown them how it was done. I am a natural athlete! Just don't put me in a field full of wet grass and I'll be fine.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Apparently my brain

Apparently my brain does not function like most brains. I mean I already knew that I was far from normal, but I thought there were more weirdos out there like me.

For example: Today I went with a group of friends to lunch at Olive Garden (super yummy). My friend Eva was telling a story about how she misunderstood her father when he called to tell her how to get rid of MOLES.

She thought he was talking about moles on your face
He was talking about the moles that dig up your yard. He said that you just have to use bubblegum. Well in her mind she thought how in the world would you get moles off your face using bubblegum. Basically just a really funny misunderstanding.

Well in my STRANGE mind I was off thinking about the movie Thoroughly Modern Millie. You know the part where Millie is tricked into believing that Soy sauce takes off stains. So later in the movie she puts soy sauce on this really expensive dress and the lady is yelling "SOOYYY Sauce".

Yep that's what I thought of.
My friends think I'm strange (and who can argue that one)

To make matters worse, before I know it I'm singing the Tapioca song from the movie. (hmmm... I really don't get out much right now do I).

So in honor of that. We are going to watch Thoroughly Modern Millie THIS WEEK!! Then maybe they will understand why I love the show so much.

Monday, July 21, 2008

If the Wehrmeisters were Pioneers...

Nope... Nevermind we wouldn't have made it. We would have been left in the dust. BUT we would have looked cute waving goodbye.
Our stake (church thing) had a "Pioneer Parade". It's that time of the year when we celebrate the Pioneers that represent our past. The girls didn't have any Pioneer clothes (imagine that) so Lucy made the girls bonnets and I whipped up some skirts and shawls. They turned out super cute and I'm sure they will be used as dress up for years to come.
Tommy Really really wanted a bonnet. Daddy said no. What a party pooper!
Okay they turned out cuter then I expected. I think they totally have Project Runway potential!!
Picture Perfect Paige, Rolled down a hill moments after arriving... Grass stained her skirt. Hmmm. Totally her mother's daughter.
Love the boy. Love the Horse.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just a bunch of nothing

I hope you didn't come looking for some funny post or uplifting remark, because I'm not doing it today. Nope not me. Today is all about pictures. Pictures of nothing important. Just of stuff, so if you need a nap... keep reading, because I'm sure this will just put you to sleep.

Here is Tommy playing with his new birthday present. Pretty cute.

I like to call this photo. Children playing with hose and Water Table. I'm thinking of blowing it up super huge and sending it to an Auction house to auction off for hundreds of thousends of dollars.

I will blame the blurriness of this picture on your eyesight. When I look at it's not blurry so it must be you. I sent my sister in to clean up Tommy's room and she thought this was so cute that she went to get the camera.

We don't pay for water at our townhomes so I send the children outside to drink. Maybe someday when Adam gets a real job we can afford bottled water. Or at least a filter.

This is slave labor. Our children are cleaning the car. Too bad that we will now need a REAL car wash since they forgot to use soap.

I like to call this one "Children on Benedryl". Joking of course please don't call DFS. Adam went in to check on the monsters at about 10pm and this is what he found. The room is actually dark, but the flash was on so it looks bright in there.

Well I guess this is about it. Maybe sometime in the near future I will be able to a real post, but this is it for now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prest-ON-dito our 9month old Burrito

Ahhh yes. A super long title for our super important burrito. No he is not part mexican, Burrito is just the only thing that really rhymes with dito. And since Paige has always called him Prestondito, I couldn't let the poor girl rhyme. (I do think it is strange that his nickname is longer then his actual name... hopefully that will change eventually)

So our super cute monster boy is 9months old and has started crawling! He is still trying to learn how to sit up, but I guess he can't be perfect. I like him. I think I will keep him. So here are a couple of pictures of my Dito. They are not the best pics, but since I can't move around and chase him, I had to wait for him to come to me. This is all I got. (Don't worry the post on Mr. T's birthday is coming shortly, don't think I would forget. I know you are waiting on the edge of your seat for that post)

I thought I should at least include one picture of the other monsters.

What I learned during my Summer Vacation

Adam and I joke around about my broken leg. We like to call it my "Vacation". Since, I can't really do... anything. Oh I'm a little off I can surf the internet, sew pioneer skirts and eat (there are a few other things that I can do as well, but those are the main ones I've been doing lately). While I have some time on my hands (that's a joke) , I thought I should make a list of what I've learned during my Vacation. Not for your enjoyment or reading pleasure, but for mine. So that a couple of years from now when I've conviently forgotten what I've learned, I can "review" it instead of having to "relearn" it.

1.) Bones Break: You'd think that would be an obvious one, but I've done some pretty stupid stunts during my time and I have never broken a bone from them. Never (except for my pinkie toe, but that doesn't count, because that toe isn't an essential one, it's kind of like the afterthought toe).

But now I think I am a changed women. Maybe I'm getting older or something, but man breaking your leg stinks

2. Children Grow Too Fast: It's just not fair. I feel like one day Kelly was starting Kindergarten and the next day we were celebrating her last day of school.

3. Friends Leave You: The main problem with the location I have chosen to live, is that every May people start graduating and moving out. It Stinks. To be honest I was lucky last year and made it out unaffected, not so lucky this year. Close friends packed up houses took their crying children and drove out of the townhomes off to their "better" life. It's been quite an adjustment not to have them in my daily life. Don't worry your pretty little heads though, they didn't leave me friendless, I have my posse of homies that I roll with and we are doing just fine. Actually this lesson has been good, because it made me open my eyes to new friends.

4.) SIU (Suck it Up): There are times you can't "rush healing" I like to get'er done and I am currently in a position where I can not DO anything to rush this along. My leg is broken. Period. The only thing I can do is stay in a good mind set and not screw it up, by trying to be "Super Cool". In the mean time I need to keep my leg elevated and Suck it Up.

5.) P.S Anything that doesn't make sense... blame it on the percocet.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My broken Leg and MacGyver

So for all of you who are wondering how I broke my leg, I thought it was time that I told you... I slipped on wet grass. Yep you heard me right, it was nothing exciting, thrilling or worth all this pain. 
So as I slipped on wet grass I heard the bones breaking, (which is a totally not cool sound in case you were wondering, in fact I still hear the sound when I close my eyes at night). Everyone around started laughing, because that is the normal thing to do when someone falls (or at least that's what I do and what the people I associate with do).
From there I started screaming, nice loud screams of pain followed quickly by words "PERCOCET!! SOMEONE GET ME PERCOCET!!" I was lying on the wet grass yelling for pain meds (do I sound like an addict or what) A friend yelled "One or Two" I responded with "TWOOOO!!" By this point I had a nice sized audience. And Guess who was in my audience? MacGyver! (That's not her real name, but that is what I will forever refer to her as now.)
So MacGyver is a nurse and she is down by me and she is trying to speak to me. Obviously I was not responding, because the poor girl had to keep repeating herself.
MacGyver: "Do you want me to call an ambulance or do you want me to splint it."
(you may be wondering why they would be calling an ambulance and that was because my ankle would no longer hold a shape. The bone was pushing against the skin and I had to hold my leg in place)
ME: "Huh"
MacGyver: repeats herself
ME: "I am in pain and I don't understand what you are saying"
MacGyver: again repeats herself
ME: "Talk to Adam, No ambulance, Percocet!"
MacGyver:Runs off, and comes back in less than a minute (no exaggeration on time) and comes back with an Ace Bandage, A Ruler, and a Paint Stirrer. Than she proceeds to wrap my leg into place.
Can you believe that. I was amazed. I still am. Who is that smart. I mean I would just run into my house to get a camera so I could take a picture of the gross leg.
Three Cheers for MacGyver!! and Four Cheers for the one who provided the Percocet!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday My Hot Tamale!

Good men aren't born everyday, But there was one exceptional man that was born on July 6th, 1979. He will not be remembered in any record books, be followed by any papparazzi, and no one will ever ask for his autograph. In my house though, he is a RockStar. His laugh is contagious and loud. He is a full time father, who always always thinks of his family first no matter what his wants or even needs are.
My life would not be as Joyful if he had not come into it. It's days like these that I am thankful for all of those "surprise babies" that are born. I don't think Gram (his mother) could have even guessed how amazing he would turn out to be.

Gram volunteered to make 2 different cakes for Adam this year. What a great Mom. Maybe on my birthday I'll get 28 different cakes (cause I'll be 28). It's a thought.

Here we are with one of Adam's birthday presents. Thanks Nonnie & Poppy. Who is that sexy Mama sitting next to him. Oh it's me!

Look at this stinkin cute family. I am balancing on one foot with my crutches and holding Preston. The things we do for a family picture. And look at Paige's natural smile. Tommy couldn't stop staring at the cake, for any of the Pictures. When we asked him to smile, he just smiled at the cake. He must be my son.

Thanks Gram for the great dinner! I love how much you appreciate Adam (I'm sure you will say that you have to because he is your son.). But he really is a Special Man,

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth Full of Fun

We had a great 4th of July. It involved me doing what I do these days. Sitting.

But, my beautiful family sure had a blast playing in the little pool and slip 'n slide. Later, we had family join us at my mom's, but I forgot to take any pictures of that. So here are a ton of pictures with my children celebrating their freedom.

And to my ST. Louis friends. I'm here till the 13th, so I hope I see you!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why I HATE Sonic's 99 cent Shakes.

This is actually a Public Service Announcement to the rest of the world. Noone realizes how BAD these things actually are. So I have devised a list to help educate my fellow Man (and Woman).

Why I HATE Sonic's 99 Cent Shakes:
  • They are ONLY 99 cents. That is less than a dollar, that means that you think that they are cheap so you go get them more often

  • Sonic is only a 1/2 mile from my Townhome. You know what this means... to get there you spend almost NO Gas. None. Nada.

  • They have a variety of flavors. So you never run out of ones to try. Like Banana. I like Banana. Who would have thought Banana's could taste yummy in shakes. Not Jen. Jen was not prepared for yummy tasting shakes with Banana.

  • Because they taste SO good. Actually their taste is even better than expected, because they only cost a buck. So while you sit there drinking it you keep thinking "Wow, this only cost a buck! I bet we could get another one tomorrow"

  • Because the Shake seems to "know" When I've had a bad day. It calls to me, it says, "Jen, I am here for you. I understand that you can't walk. I will help you feel better"

  • Because My Husband DOES NOT gain weight. He is a mutant. Yep, that's all there is to it. I married a Mutant Ice Cream Lover. He literally eats 2 FULL Servings of Ice Cream A Night! In fact, the other night he was drinking a Root Beer Float, when he decided that he should go get us shakes! Who can do that!! Oh the Humanity!

Oh I am so worked up now... I need a shake.