Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wehrmeisters on Wheels!!

So since I am broken right now. I thought there was only one sensible thing to do. Put EVERYONE on wheels and see if anyone else broke anything. Lets test Fate! Right?

Actually I was "on vacation" (that's what Adam calls my broken leg) and Adam came in and said that they were going rollerskating. So I took one of my few adventures outside, just to take some pics.

We are NOT roller skaters. not even close to it. There is no grace in these pictures, no floating on the sidewalk, No turns or tricks. There was a lot of prayer involved as I took these pictures. I am just glad that they all made it out of this experience alive

Don't let the smile fool you. There was no movement in this picture. She was standing still. Right after I took this picture she fell on her bum and started crying. She was not moving at the time... otherwise she could have done some real damage.

Yep, doesn't Tommy look like a natural here. He finally let go for the next picture.

And He's off! Go Tommy Go!!

And He's down... It's okay. The Wehrmeisters were just made to look pretty, not to really accomplish anything with their lives. It's not like I thought my children would make it to the rollerskating Olympics, but it would have been nice.

At least Paige has been able to find the true reason for rollerskating. It's all about the picture. At the end of the day that's all that really matters... right?

So obviously our Skating expedition only lasted for 15 minutes. By then they had all fallen so many times they were ready to hang up their wheels for the night. If I wasn't broken I could have shown them how it was done. I am a natural athlete! Just don't put me in a field full of wet grass and I'll be fine.


Nonnie said...

Is there a reason Tommy doesn't have shoes on with his skates ? Are we trying to break his TOES ?

elizabeth said...

At least it was a good idea to make every else break their ankles. That way you wouldn't be lonely. Too bad it didn't work.

Gram said...

Gee, great minds think alike. I was also wondering why Tommy didn't have shoes on! Adam looked like he could handle the inline skates like a pro. I wouldn't even be able to get up on them let alone move! At least everyone had a fun time even if it was short-lived.

B.J. & Candi said...

Haha! Too bad the Miller Family Skating Extravaganza wasn't there to SHOW YOU UP! In the falling down department, that is. :) You know how graceful we are!