Thursday, July 19, 2007

Breakfast with Dad

There really isn't anything particularly exciting about these pictures, they just make me smile. Adam is usually in charge of breakfast on Saturdays so it's Donuts or German Pancakes. When he is feeling like "Super Dad" he will let the kids help him cook. I always think it's pretty cute.

Daddy Directing the monsters

Tommy trying to hold his own

Say cheese my little chefs!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Wedding.

Happy Family?

So we made the drive across the state to go and see her and darling Dave get hitched. The trip actually went well. The bride did the normal crazy thing, but that was to be expected. My children did the normal... well you know the normal thing that 3 kids 5 and under will do.

The Stunning Couple

Seriously though, the wedding was beautiful. Michelle looked amazing (especially her hair). Watching Dave was one of my favorite parts. He looks at Michelle with adoration. I can tell that he realizes, Michelle is an amazing gift. Here are some of my favorite pics from their wedding. And yes most of them have my children in it, but come on they are adorable! Paige Monster My 3 Men My Kelly Anne Dave has Kelly's approval