Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why I will NOT be making my blog Private.

So last night I cried, for probably 2 hours. I didn't just cry a little... it was a big cry. The kind where your face hurts and your eyes are puffy and your nose won't stop running. And you wake up with a crying hangover. I was reading a blog, a blog of someone who I have never met, never bumped into and probably never will. But her life brought me to my knees.
You see she lost her husband to Lupus. She is a beautiful 2o something girl, with an adorable little boy.
I ended up on her blog and I couldn't stop reading. I read about her husband's death and then I went to the archives and read about his fight, their life, their love and all that they have been through. And I cried through it all. I bawled like she was my best friend, and when I was done I prayed for her and her darling son.
When it was all said and done and I was lying in bed, I thought in my little brain of mine "That is why blog is not going private". You see I need all the prayers I can get. I don't care who you are, if you want to pray for me go right ahead. I might not be going through what this beautiful women is, but when I have my hard days and blog about them, I'll take any prayers that I can get in my direction.

Am I making the right choice for my family? For now the answer is yes. I am no dummy, I know that there are bad people in this world. I know there are people out there that steal pictures, leave comments and are just plain crazy. I know that 7 people have ended up on my blog by googling "I hate sonic", 6 of you are actually looking for my friend "kiera", and one of you wants to know "what happened to pollyanna paralyzed." I also know I've read blogs of people I have never met, and their words have affected me.

Do I believe that my words have an impact on people NO, but I am not going to be a hypocrite. I'm not going to say, you can't look at my life, but I'm going to hop around and read yours.

I strongly believe that everyone is just looking out for their family and doing what they feel is right, many of my favorite people have come out and said they were going private, so I thought I would come along and say why I'm not.

In the mean time, if you have a few moments and lots of tears and prayers to spare take a look at this darling family:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Slipping through my fingers.

This is not my favorite day of the year. It is not my 2nd favorite either. Today is the day that the school system takes my child... now children. I really do enjoy my time with them, and really didn't want them to go. Kelly was ready though. She's become a pro at this, and even though it is a new school with new people, she was ready to leave me. She was excited. Paige on the other hand, says the things you want to hear from your child (when you don't want them to leave you). Paige cried, she didn't want to leave. Actually she didn't even want to wake up. She didn't want to ride the bus, and she didn't want to stay in her class. Why you might wonder?? Because she loves me. Because she knows that I needed to hear that. I know that it will be a constant battle to get her to school, but in 13 years when I'm driving her to college I will appreciate all of the times I got to hear her say "Mommy, I don't want to leave you."

So this morning went okay... could have gone better, but we made it through. Kelly asked me to curl her hair. And I did. Paige didn't want to go, she even missed the bus. But I drove the little monster to school, walked her to her classroom and left my little girl.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Hotness

Could life get any better??

It could if you were married to this hotness

Dearest Hotty with a Body,

Thanks for everything. Thank you for dealing with a cranky sick pregnant women. Thank you for doing the dishes, and the laundry and the taking care of a cranky sick pregnant lady. I would like to believe that someday I will make it up to you, but we both know that that probably won't happen. By the time I'm feeling up to returning the favor, you will have one-uped me again... somehow with something. And no, I don't care that our friends that are reading this are probably gaging and puking, because now they know how I feel.

But, really thanks for turning me into the spoiled brat that I am. I love you for it. For everything. Thank you for being a goof ball and making me laugh. Thank you for not being upset that I was tooo sick to throw you some out of this world 30th party, I still feel bad about that. And thank you for our babies... all 4.3333 of them.