Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Hotness

Could life get any better??

It could if you were married to this hotness

Dearest Hotty with a Body,

Thanks for everything. Thank you for dealing with a cranky sick pregnant women. Thank you for doing the dishes, and the laundry and the taking care of a cranky sick pregnant lady. I would like to believe that someday I will make it up to you, but we both know that that probably won't happen. By the time I'm feeling up to returning the favor, you will have one-uped me again... somehow with something. And no, I don't care that our friends that are reading this are probably gaging and puking, because now they know how I feel.

But, really thanks for turning me into the spoiled brat that I am. I love you for it. For everything. Thank you for being a goof ball and making me laugh. Thank you for not being upset that I was tooo sick to throw you some out of this world 30th party, I still feel bad about that. And thank you for our babies... all 4.3333 of them.


The Pagets in Florida said...

Adam, you have got to stop all of this helpfulness. You are setting a bad presidence for the rest of us.

Meg said...

Hey, that's my picture! I really could send it to you if you want so it's not blurry. At least now I know you read my blog, since you never comment anymore, even if it is just to steal my awesome pictures:)

And yes, I am puking and gagging right now.

Nonnie said...

Adam is a great husband. don't worry Jen,there's alway 31!!!

Amy R said...

Yeah, Adam is making everyone else's husbands look bad.

MJ/Mom/GrammaJ said...

There is a pot for every lid and you two are a match made in Heaven!

Emily said...

I say keep it up, Adam! We need more good examples not less. Let's raise the bar for hubbies.

And, if I remember correctly, you had a FANTASTIC luncheon with some stellar friends at a very high end restaurant for Adam's 30th. Let's not discount that - ok?