Sunday, December 28, 2008


8 years. 8 fantastical years. (Fantastical is the word of the day) 8 years of Adam in School

7 arguments (if you believe this, you must be delusional. I just couldn't find 7 of anything so I decided to lie. I thought it was the best way to go.)

6 months before we got pregnant with Kelly

5 Cars (If you count the Kia, but we really hate the Kia, so he will probably be upset that I counted it. Since he says it's worthless)

4 beautiful children

3 moves

2 weeks of "dating" before we were engaged (don't worry I knew him for 3... we were friends first) (that was a joke.)

1 amazing eternal companion.
And honestly I'm sure you guys are gagging, and rolling your eyes (I would be too, it's in my blood) But anyone who knows him knows that I got the good end of this whole "eternal companion" deal.
I have a man who brings me up Ice water at night, empties the dishwasher in the morning, volunteers to give children baths, has a special dance for me when I'm upset with him, makes me feel beautiful just by looking at me, and always always puts the family first.

Just for the record, I'm not claiming perfection here. We still have our ups and downs, and he still drives me crazy with his "black and white" way of looking at things, and I hate how as soon as we start to snuggle, he falls asleep and starts snoring really loud. BUT today is our anniversary, so today all imperfections are given a day off. Today we celebrate the positive in our relationship and focus on our love.

So yes for today he is perfect.

Because I am Super Fabulous!

Just in case anyone was wondering, I had a fabulous birthday. Why was it so fabulous you ask??? Because I recieved my easy bake oven. Ahhhh it was wonderful. The best part was telling the girls that they got to be my assistant chefs. It was quite marvolous. What did Adam get me?? A stroller. Not a stroller for me to sit in, (now that would have been the best gift EVER) it was a sit and go stroller. I've actually been wanting it for over a year. So I was quite surprised that I finally got to get it. I was even more surprised that it was given to me as a Birthday present. My mother got me a giant mat to cut my fabric on, and some nice scissors to cut fabric with.

That night Adam tried to have people over to celebrate my birthday, but he forgot one thing. Everyone leaves town for my birthday, so no one can really celebrate it. I actually felt sorry for the poor guy. He bought the HUGE Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake and made some phonecalls. Well, our good friends the Fullmers were able to come and my Em was able to come by a little bit later, but we still have a huge cake to eat. Every night he asks me if I want a piece. I told him it was hard for me to eat it, because everytime he brings out Gigantor Cake I'm just reminded how everyone leaves town. boohoo poor me (cry me a river)(i'm 28 now, I'm not supposed to be pouting) He said someday I'll get to have a party, but the poor guy is delusional. He seems to forget that my birthday is always going to be on the same day. And that people are always going to be leaving town. At least I still have Santa. Sure he comes a week late, but he is there for me every year without fail. now off to find my sd card, because I need to post pics of my easy bake oven. I made 2 cookies with it!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

One tooth short of a full mouth

No we have not recieved Adam's board scores yet. BUT EVEN MORE EXCITING!!! Paige lost her first tooth tonight.

Paige has been waiting for this life changing event ever since Kelly lost her first tooth.

Paige said: My mouth hurts
Mom said: "Dad Paige's mouth hurts"

Dad said: "Paige your tooth is really loose. Paige said: "DON'T PULL IT NOO!!"

MOM said: "The tooth fairy will bring you money"
(suddenly Paige looks more interested)

Paige (very dramatic) walks over to Dad and says "I'm ready"

Dad: Pulls it out

Story over. I hope all of Paige's teeth are this easy. Much less dramatic then when Kelly gets a loose tooth.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quick Rant

Do you ever have a conversation with someone and then you just can't get it out of your mind?
Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with someone, just kind of catching up and nothing too exciting. Children came up of course, and I mentioned that we would love to have another monster (I didn't say right now, I just meant we were not done procreating).

Her response was, " You know they don't get any easier when they are older."

And of course my response (as it always is) was, "I don't have children to make my life easier".

I've had these conversations before, they usually don't get to me. Adam and I are very confident in our decisions. We don't expect everyone to agree with our choices or support our decisions. We don't go into anything without prayer, a whole lot of it.

When it was time to have Preston, it was not a prayer. It was a statement. It was time to have another baby. I remember getting that impression loud and clear. I remember not wanting that "impression". My prayers changed. I told Heavenly Father that I knew what he was asking of me, but that I would like it if he told Adam this time. (I know It's a lot to be asking, but honestly I didn't want to bring up the conversation with Adam.)

Apparently my prayers were heard. A week later on the way to church, Adam told me that he thought that it was time to add on to our family. I smiled and told him that I already knew.

That's obviously a personal story to me. One I'm sure I will tell my children someday, I only share it to make my point. I don't wake up one morning, check the weather and say "Hey, looks like a good day to make a baby!". At some point in the future we would like to have another baby. Not because 5 is my lucky number, or because we've always wanted an odd number of children so that we can have a definite middle child. It's what's right for my family. Just like one is right for some families and 2 is a great number for others. If I felt "done" at 4, I wouldn't be ranting right now.

So here are some "Guidelines" to know when you are being rude. (In case you didn't realize it)

  • Don't assume someone wants another baby, just because they already had one.
  • Don't assume someone can just "get pregnant" just because they've done it before.

  • Don't assume that someone is done just because they have more children then you would like to have.
  • Don't assume that someone wants more just because they don't have as many as you have.
  • Don't assume someone cares what your opinion is at all. And here are some pictures of my monsters, just because I love them. What better way to end a blog entry!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I know it's a busy time of year, so I thought I would be polite and give all my friends a birthday reminder.

You have less than a week to save up for the perfect present, buy it for me, and somehow get it to me. The last part will be the hardest I think, because I'm busy. Too busy. Not a happy falalalala -freakin -la busy. Next week (supposed to be my birthday week) I have 2 class parties that I "volunteered" to be in charge of. (one of those happens to be on my birthday) I also have Girl Scouts, a Townhome Board Dinner (which we are counting for my birthday dinner, because yes we are that cheap) and Adam has boards on Monday and Tuesday.

I know you don't care, I know you are busy too. WHICH is why I am reminding you all that December 18th is my birthday. It's a big one this year. I turn the big 2-8. If you call and I don't answer it's either because I have to bake sugar cookies for Kelly's class or I'm in the middle of Paige's performance or Tommy ran out the door again naked. So leave a message and we will call it good.

P.S Project "Tommy will you ever stop wearing a pull-up" is in full gear. Ever since Adam has been home for the break he has been trying to potty train the boy. We have him in Big Boy pants, and we set the time for 50 minutes. Every 50 minutes the timer goes off and he goes potty.

He is responding well, this could be because we give him candy everytime. Imagine if you got a piece of candy every hour you were awake. You'd be pretty happy too. Adam's new concern is that he is going to get a cavity. (Ya win some, ya lose some.)

So next time you see my son he might have a mouth full of silver, but at least we are that much closer to success!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing In Action

I know you guys have been dying for me to update my blog, but there have been a few things holding me back. 1.) We have been sick. Not just one illness. I think we got them all. Marathon illnesses. I'm quite tired of coughing, sniffling, not sleeping, getting headaches and taking care of all the monsters in my house that have been sick. 2.) No one bought me a new laptop. I specifically made a "wish list" and nobody took the initiative to go out and buy me a new laptop. I am sure that underneath my Christmas Tree there will be several easy bake ovens, and bedazzlers. But nobody was willing to spend the big bucks and get us a new laptop. 3.)Internet: Since nobody gave us a new laptop, we have been having to use our computer in the basement and for some reason that computer can only stayed hooked up to the internet for 5-7 minutes at a time.