Saturday, December 13, 2008


I know it's a busy time of year, so I thought I would be polite and give all my friends a birthday reminder.

You have less than a week to save up for the perfect present, buy it for me, and somehow get it to me. The last part will be the hardest I think, because I'm busy. Too busy. Not a happy falalalala -freakin -la busy. Next week (supposed to be my birthday week) I have 2 class parties that I "volunteered" to be in charge of. (one of those happens to be on my birthday) I also have Girl Scouts, a Townhome Board Dinner (which we are counting for my birthday dinner, because yes we are that cheap) and Adam has boards on Monday and Tuesday.

I know you don't care, I know you are busy too. WHICH is why I am reminding you all that December 18th is my birthday. It's a big one this year. I turn the big 2-8. If you call and I don't answer it's either because I have to bake sugar cookies for Kelly's class or I'm in the middle of Paige's performance or Tommy ran out the door again naked. So leave a message and we will call it good.

P.S Project "Tommy will you ever stop wearing a pull-up" is in full gear. Ever since Adam has been home for the break he has been trying to potty train the boy. We have him in Big Boy pants, and we set the time for 50 minutes. Every 50 minutes the timer goes off and he goes potty.

He is responding well, this could be because we give him candy everytime. Imagine if you got a piece of candy every hour you were awake. You'd be pretty happy too. Adam's new concern is that he is going to get a cavity. (Ya win some, ya lose some.)

So next time you see my son he might have a mouth full of silver, but at least we are that much closer to success!


The Pagets in Florida said...

Good luck on the potty training. We tried a very similar technique with our oldest. I think that he got 1 nerd or 1 smartie every time. Now, he is still a candy-lover, but I don't feel so much like a candy-monger. I do have to say though that I worried with the timer thing that it would become a very pavlovian response and any time we cooked anything and a timer went off, he would need to run to the bathroom. Maybe he just salivates instead for 1 piece of candy (which we don't have to do anymore.)

Amy R said...

Happy Birthday on the 18th! Does that count for remembering your birthday? That's probably about as good as I'll do this year.

Sam Ransom said...

Happy early birthday!! I will do my very best to remember on the actual day. But I'm the worst at doing that! If you need help making cookies- let me know! I feel like baking lately- must be the Christmas spirit! hehehehe

Knowles Family said...

I'd much rather have a kid that has a mouth full of fillings than a kid that goes to the first grade and can't go potty by himslef! Besides, those teeth are just going to be replaced by new ones anyway! What does it matter?! You do know a good dentist, don't you? No one can see a filling, if it's done right, but anyone can see that a kid has wet his pants! Believe me, you're doing him a favor!
And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you old lady! (I can say that because I already had my big 2-8!)