Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just another day

Sometimes I feel like my Saturdays are wasted. Wasted cleaning, wasted doing laundry, wasted lying around. Now that Kelly is in school during the week, I like the idea of actually going places or going nowhere and just being together as a family.
As much as I like the way that SOUNDS, it seems like such a chore to pack all of the monsters up, and put them in the car and get somewhere. I mean there is the constant feeding that I have to do with Preston, the diapers I have to remember for the boys, extra clothes for Paige in case she has one of her many motion sickness trips, Sippy cups, Snacks, Strollers, Camera, and most importantly I am supposed to be smiling and cheerful during this time, so that my children can have memories of a Happy Childhood.

I'm exhausted just typing this, no wonder it exhausts me to go on a family outing.

So in actuality my Saturdays are usually filled with intentions. I intend to do something as a family at the same time I intend to relax doing it, I also intend to prepare my family for Sunday (baths, clothes picked out, bed on time), I also intend to catch up on Laundry, and I intend on having long meaningful talks with my husband who I miss during the week, I also intend on running a few errands WITHOUT the children, and of course I intend on spending the day laughing and dancing through flowers with my children. Oh and I forgot to throw in Preston's 2 naps and the strange idea I have in my head that I want to take a nap too, I mean it is Saturday so anything is possible right?...

My goodness, I have high hopes and expectations don't I? Well, I usually head to Sunday feeling slightly disappointed, like I didn't get something on my list accomplished. I mean I'm lucky if I even get 2 of the things done on my long list of: "How to have the Perfect Family".

This past Saturday went a little differently.

-I got to have my meaningful conversation with my Husband, while folding laundry.

- I got to lay in bed until 8:30 (that's like taking a nap) - My husband made $40, donating plasma (Superproductive)

-I got to sit outside and watch my monsters run around on the street. -I got to run to 2 stores (Preston has grown and needs some clothes)

- I came home to a newly cleaned and vacuumed living room

& Then at 3:30 we decided to pack up a Picnic Dinner and head to a Park.

Knowing how I post, you guys are probably waiting for me to talk about what went wrong or how I screwed up somewhere. Not today! This Saturday was an excellent example of how things can go when the planets aline to the schedule of the Wehrmeister's.

The kids had a blast, Adam had a blast, and I got to enjoy it. Nothing could have made it better. So here are a few pictures of what perfection looks like. I finally got my Saturday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home...

I have used the excuse "I have been with them all day long", but I have to be happy that they don't think I am a human jungle gym. That would probably make my day seem longer.

hmmm.... don't know how I feel about this

Kelly just carried Preston upstairs to my bedroom and said:
"I didn't even drop him once!"

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jen left me with the kids and this is my gift to her

Again. I think the title says it all. Soooo, I will leave a message on her blog. I mean "our" blog. It's kind of like sending a funny email from someone else's email account. She said she took Preston for a walk, but I bet she went inside the first house she passed to visit with someone. I am beginning to wonder about her. Really, do you see a picture of just me on the right side of the blog? I see Jen, Kelly, Paige, Tommy, and Preston, but no Adam. She even had time to reorganize her links, but not add a picture of her husband. I think the only reason I am in the family picture is because there is no picture of here with the four kids. I think she will like this post now that I read it back to myself. It's kind of fun. Fun in the way that other kids laugh when you fell off your bike. Now that I have read this again, I am starting to see why she is trying to minimize my impact on the blog. In the time it took me to type this, my kids have built a "club" on the living room floor. It consists of 2 folding chairs, a Strawbery Shortcake blanket, an Elmo blanket, a few pillows, a pink child's camping chair, paper with scribbles, tape (of course) and my tie from church today. Also Tommy is coloring paper with markers as he stands next to the couch (don't tell Jen). Alas, it is their bedtime now and Jen is still not back? I wonder why. I better stop before Jen gets home. Signing off. AW. I have to use my initial so Jen doesn't figure out who wrote this post. And here is my picture in all of my Cranium glory.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I've Been Reorganizing

Sooo obviously I have nothing to blog about, because I have been reorganizing my Links. (It sounds quite exciting doesn't it.)
I have been getting blurry eyed whenever I look at my list of links, so I decided to categorize them by relation. I just have name one of them St. Louis and then I will be done.
I must be dedicated, because this took way to much time and should have been done at a different time (like when I break both my legs and can't walk, so I would be forced to revamp my blog-o-rama).
Any-hoo if I forgot to put you on the list, you might have gotten accidently deleted in the process, so please review the list and let me know who I am missing. If you are missing on my list raise your hand... keep it raised till I get it added.
I'm glad I don't have any dumb friends who are sitting there with their hands raised.
I'd like to say I have thought of something important or deep or intelligent to blog about, but it is 1:22 in the morning and I run out of intelligent things to say by noon, so you know by now I am WAAY out.
I promise my next post will be sooner (if that's a word, I don't really know anymore) and it will be about my wonderful mother who surprised me by showing up at my door this weekend.
Oh good Preston must have thought I was lonely... He's up.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I want...

a bedazzler. I don't know why I want one. I don't even know if I have anything to bedazzle, but I sure like the name of it. I'd like to be a bedazzlin fool. I'd get to say "I'm sorry honey I'm busy bedazzling right now". I must be tired if this is the most exciting thing I can think of to post about. Maybe tomorrow I will say something interesting and I apologize to anyone reading this, because you are now Dumber than you were before reading this.