Monday, April 14, 2008

I've Been Reorganizing

Sooo obviously I have nothing to blog about, because I have been reorganizing my Links. (It sounds quite exciting doesn't it.)
I have been getting blurry eyed whenever I look at my list of links, so I decided to categorize them by relation. I just have name one of them St. Louis and then I will be done.
I must be dedicated, because this took way to much time and should have been done at a different time (like when I break both my legs and can't walk, so I would be forced to revamp my blog-o-rama).
Any-hoo if I forgot to put you on the list, you might have gotten accidently deleted in the process, so please review the list and let me know who I am missing. If you are missing on my list raise your hand... keep it raised till I get it added.
I'm glad I don't have any dumb friends who are sitting there with their hands raised.
I'd like to say I have thought of something important or deep or intelligent to blog about, but it is 1:22 in the morning and I run out of intelligent things to say by noon, so you know by now I am WAAY out.
I promise my next post will be sooner (if that's a word, I don't really know anymore) and it will be about my wonderful mother who surprised me by showing up at my door this weekend.
Oh good Preston must have thought I was lonely... He's up.


aLi said...

Yay, I am not missing. Jen you have so many intelligent things to say. And yes, "sooner" is a word. Wait, now that I start thinking hard I doubt myself. Perhaps someone more intelligent will tell us. You are amazing, Jen. Do you just wait for your kids to wake up so you can be right there to get them? How gooder of you! I'm sure I'll be joining your club here in the next few weeks as I'll have a new baby, too. Thanks for being my favorite.

Meg said...

Wow, your links look amazing now! I'm so glad you remembered to keep me. Did you ever get your bedazzler? I want you to make me something, like a onesie with blue bedazzler things that spell "I'm another boy".

Lauren F. said...

How do you know the Merinos? man, it;s a small world! Carrie grew up with Jon, so they would be in the childhood friends category.

Kristy said...

Hey Jen - I love your blog - I have to tell you that after I talked with you on Friday we put Belen on Singulair (sp?) it worked! no more attacks! Thanks a million!

The Wehrmeister's said...

Lauren, Carrie was one of my roommates out in Utah. We lived together for one Summer at Alta.

Anonymous said...

You broke both your legs?!!!? Wow! I didn't realize that. That would suck. Sorry I've been a slacker commenter lately. Honestly it's laziness!


JEN! I can't believe that they are spliting up the streets like this! We will miss you so much! That just means that you need to have more chocolate's that I can actually attend! Hope you guys had fun!