Sunday, March 30, 2008

When I grow up...

I find that I say this often. For example "When I grow up, I will always have a clean house", or "When I grow up, I want to live in a house that isn't attatched to anyone else's", or my favorite is "When I grow up, my husband will be out of school... NOT" (wow it's been many years since I used the term NOT, but I find it fits this sentance well.)

Then this morning I looked in the mirror and recieved bad news... I'm a grown up. You'd think I would have figured this out by now, since I have had 4 children surgically removed from my body, and since my 10 year high school reunion is in August. But no, I've been living in denial. If you are wondering what was so tramatic... I found a GRAY HAIR (actually 2). I was so shocked that I took it and showed Adam. He was unimpressed. He glanced at it and said "Yep, It's Gray". I mean I wanted some sort of celebration or sympathy, but no. I didn't get either.

I'm okay with this I am, I mean I guess I alway knew it would happen, but I never thought it really would. I was not made to grow up, I still laugh at my husband's cheesy jokes, I still find myself flipping to MTV to see what's on, and I still turn the radio up loud when I'm alone and "ROCK OUT".
So when did you know that you were a grown up?
Or are you in denial as well. If my mother is reading this I'm sure she will say "I'm still 29 and can get jiggy wit my homies", but she's crazy like that.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Strangers among us...

So a couple months ago, my friend mentioned to me that many people have these "People Trackers" on their blog. This "People Tracker" tells you where the people live that visit your site. This concept seemed to creep her out some (As in she didn't want people to know that she was stalking them). I also thought it was odd. The part that I thought was odd was that sometimes it appears in a list form that takes up a lot of space (in my opinion). It looks odd to me, which is why I chose the pretty map on the bottom of my page.

Here is the part that I like! I get to see a map of anybody that reads my blog. Sometimes when I sit here and write, I think "Is anybody there, Does anybody care? Does anybody see what I see" (Actually that is from the musical 1776, but I thought it was appropriate.) So it's nice to see that people have stopped by to check up on us crazies in the Mid-West.

Tonight I looked at my super cool map and I have realized that I have a following of strangers around the district of Columbia, and about a dozen people in the state of Utah know me. I have also learned that my blog has gone global... (not really just a couple people outside of the US, but "Going Global" sounds much better.)

So here is my new problem... I want to know who these people are! Someone in Germany stumbled onto my blog and I want to say Gutentag! (that's German right?) Then I see someone in Dallas has come by "Jen's Blog-o-Fun" and I don't know anybody in Dallas, But I'd like too!

I can see how some might find strangers reading their blog a little Freaky... but anyone who knows me knows I am a little Freaky. I admit I've read strangers blogs and I've enjoyed it, but then again... I am a little strange.

So am I alone? Does anybody else read stranger's blogs?? And have you ever left a message on a strangers blog?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beauty Hurts

Growing up my mother would fix our hair all the time and I HATED IT. I would whine and complain, but my mom would always say "Beauty Hurts". Soo in my house the girls aren't allowed to complain while I fix their hair, instead I make them say "Beauty Hurts" so when ever I hit a knot in their hair or have to pull on it I hear "Beauty HURTS!" or sometimes "Beauty Really Hurts!"

Easter is one of those days that "Beauty Hurts", but not this year! This year we did curlers in their hair the night before. They looked quite cute, and they didn't complain (they don't like the curling iron). Kelly slept well with the curlers in, but Paige was a little more fidgety through the night. I didn't really want her to have them in, but Paige insisted and my mom looked at her hair and said it felt like it was in good shape (some know that I have had some problems and concerns with Paige's hair)

So those are the before pictures. Tommy did have a couple curlers in his hair for a few minutes, but that didn't last and Adam wasn't thrilled.

And here are some pictures from Easter today. They aren't the best. In my "Ideal World" The sun would have been shining and it would have been warm and little bunnies would have been hopping around the yard. BUT it wasn't like that. It was 30 degrees out the wind was blowing so we had to move indoors. I tried to make them smile through the pain, but it didn't work.

Yes, I know I'm a mean mom...

Well Happy Easter Everyone! We love you! and miss most of you...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Look Who's 5 Months.

Little Preston CottonTail (how corny is that) is 5 months old now. Well actually it was like a week ago, but we have had the ickies here so I haven't been up to blogging.
So now a quick list of Preston's talents...
That was easy enough!

I'm kinda joking, Ill try making a real list now.

  • I mean he doesn't really sit up yet, but he's excellent at falling over.
  • He goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up at about 6:30 (He get's up once in the night at about 11:30 for a power meal)
  • He can now speak French in addition to Spanish.
  • His hair is... still not
  • He can roll over every direction, except for the one that I want him too.
  • He knows exactly when my other 3 children need me and chooses to join them in their pleas for help.
  • He is a happy boy. When he was born I honestly NEVER thought I'd be able to say that. He was so cranky for the first 2 months, but these last 3 have been a joy.

So now that you know exactly how talented my 5 month old is, you can dream that someday you could have a child that is as Super Talented and advanced.

In fact I better go stop him, before he teaches himself how to walk.

So here is Preston in a bunny suit. This suit has since been returned to the store, but I enjoyed it while I had it. (Which was about a day).

Monday, March 17, 2008

Flashback Monday

Yeah, so I know what you are thinking "Uh Jen it's not called flashback Monday", but when have I ever been one to go along with everyone else. Yes, I've just seen too many Flashback Fridays, Tell-All Thursdays, Thoughtful Thursdays and Willy Wonka's Wednesdays (my personal favorite, because it involves eating whatever you want and having no regrets).

So I was trying to get ready for bed, and I had a FLASHBACK... and it happened to be Monday. So I thought hmmm... I can wait until Friday when I'm supposed to have flashbacks or I can just go with reckless abandon and have a flashback on a Monday.

Everyone that has just started their family and has one child, knows how your life revolves around that one little human. When they smile you smile, when they make doggy noises for the first time you think they are brilliant, and when they go potty for the first time, you feel like all is right in the world (you get where I'm going with this, hopefully)

Today I took Preston to get his 5 months pictures (5 months is a milestone in my house) (pictures to be posted on "Take Pictures Thursday") I decided to make this a Mommy and Preston outing. It reminded me of what life was like just 5 years ago when I only had one monster to keep track of and how everything revolved around this incredible human that Adam and I had made.

I sometimes worry that Paige, Tommy, Preston are missing out on that individual time that Kelly was so blessed to have. I do believe I'm a good mother and I know that I try to find ways to have one on one time with each monster. BUT my world no longer revolves around one human, now several.

Okay it's midnight and I'm not going to make sense for much longer. So I'm going to sign out with some pictures of Kelly (here comes the flashback part) of when she was a much younger girl. I'm thinking Paige will be my next Flashback victim and then I shall skip to Adam, because he has some rockin pics from when he was younger. (But I'll need a scanner for those.)

Kelly at 2 I remember Paige was just a couple of months old, so Kelly and I were playing outside while she was napping. Why she has no clothes on??I can't remember, but I'm sure it was an excellent reason.

Kelly camping with her father. (Don't worry it was inside, I wouldn't have her face that horrid Missouri weather in that tent)

Okay, now EVERYONE always says that Tommy looks just like Adam. What about Kelly, you can not deny the family resemblance here. I mean did I have anything to do in creating this child?

Usually the cooky pictures are of Paige, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you Kelly's impression of a Pirate. That is what she was dressing up as in this picture.

Okay well I'm signing off now, till next time.

I hope you are now filled with more useless knowledge of the Wehrmeisters. There will be a pop quiz at a later date!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blog Friends and Ducks

My Friends' Blogs
So originally when I started this whole blogging experience, I didn't want anyone to find my site. Yes, I know how silly that sounds, but I didn't tell my family, or most of my friends about it. Over time I mentioned it to a few and then that grew and before I knew it I had found several old friends, just by hopping from blogs looking for old friends. (I don't know if any of this makes sense. I am typing with one hand, while I hear loud giggles and big thumps)

I guess the point I am making is that originally I didn't list anyone's blog link, because I didn't want to "assume" that they wanted it public information. Well, recently I found my freshman Roommate, because I was blog hopping, SO... my new policy is if you don't want your link on my site, than email me at and I will take it off. (If you email me ANY forwards just be aware that we don't read them we delete them).

I have found that most people don't care if there link is posted and that many people like it, so here is hoping that you find your old roommates and friends!

The Quacky Talent Show

This weekend was my children's debut in the Platte Woods Ward Talent Show! I had high hopes for my future stars. THEY decided that they wanted to sing and dance to the popular Wiggle's song "Quack Quack" If you are curious to what it sounds like... don't be. The word include quacking and cock-a-doodling. I thought it would be perfect. It's an easy, simple song that they sing around the house ALL the time. I even volunteered our Duck towels to the cause. That is when Kelly says that I should make her a Rooster hat to wear. hmmm... not really my area of expertise, but I was up for it.

So I did it, I made the rooster hat, I got the towels ready, and we put the song on a CD (I even put it on there twice, because it is so short I knew that they would want to sing it more than once) Well, my wonderful beautiful talented children Froze. Yep all 3 of them, they stood out there on the stage looking at the audience and they would not move. I was up on the stage waiting for them to finish and felt so bad for them when they froze, that I decided to help.

I quacked and cock-a-doodled like a true Wiggle, but it didn't help they still didn't move. In fact after it was all over and we were on the way home, I said "Guys you did SOO Good!" Kelly said, "No Mom, we did bad, really Bad, we didn't even sing" I just replied with "But you sure looked cute!"

So here are some pictures from that day. There are none from the actual performance, because the photographer (me) was performing with them.

Here is Kelly wearing my amazing Rooster hat! I think it could be the latest fad.

This hat is one size fits all, or at least all of the Wehrmeisters

Here they are on the stage. This was after it was over.

The cutest rooster in the room!

Okay, I know these aren't my kids, but this was my favorite performance. One little boy sang a rendition of "This is my Beloved Son" while the other little boy decided to break dance. It was hilarious.(The man in the picture was just there for moral support.)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Rainy Days and Tommy's Girl

So Adam sent Tommy to time out (I don't remember the reason) but when he came out he had boots on. I could not resist adding his rain coat. So here are some pics of them playing outside in the rain. These pictures were taken last Sunday, that would be why the girls still have dresses on.
Yep he really is that cute.
I got these Rain Coats at Sam's Club for a great price. Maybe if you zoom in you can even see the price, since I apparently forgot to take the tags off.
This was before Paige decided to join them. So this is Love. Here is Tommy with his girlfriend Emma. She also happens to be our next door neighbor. I don't know if that helped kindle this relationship, but I'm sure it didn't hurt. He thinks she is amazing... He probably even likes her more than fruit snacks, but that is just a guess.
Come on Emma you have to be impressed by that talent. I mean he can stick his tongue out. My poor boy thinks he's showing off. Hopefully he will learn someday.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Singin the Blues... kinda

So I've never uploaded a video before, so it has taken me forever. BUT I think I finally got it.

It has been a busy week. Kelly had a Science Fair, then our car broke down (don't we love KIA's)and to top it off I got a phone call from my MIL on Friday saying that she was coming to see us... today (well Friday, but you get the idea.)

It worked out really well though (I hope she agrees), we had a great weekend and the kids had a blast playing with Gram. Oh and to top it off we went to our good friend's annual Lip Sync. So that is what this video is of. It is Adam, me and our friends Lizzie and Dave. We all look similar so if you are wondering which one I am... the fluffy one. We had alot of fun. It seems each year we do it, all of the acts get better and better.

Okay, now I expect everyone to watch this stupid video, BECAUSE it has taken me a ton of time to learn how to download this. Just so you know it will probably be the last video ever (unless someone can teach me how to do this.)

The amazing video comes from camerawoman Jenny Livingston. I think her technique rivals many of the greats in cinematography .