Saturday, March 22, 2008

Look Who's 5 Months.

Little Preston CottonTail (how corny is that) is 5 months old now. Well actually it was like a week ago, but we have had the ickies here so I haven't been up to blogging.
So now a quick list of Preston's talents...
That was easy enough!

I'm kinda joking, Ill try making a real list now.

  • I mean he doesn't really sit up yet, but he's excellent at falling over.
  • He goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up at about 6:30 (He get's up once in the night at about 11:30 for a power meal)
  • He can now speak French in addition to Spanish.
  • His hair is... still not
  • He can roll over every direction, except for the one that I want him too.
  • He knows exactly when my other 3 children need me and chooses to join them in their pleas for help.
  • He is a happy boy. When he was born I honestly NEVER thought I'd be able to say that. He was so cranky for the first 2 months, but these last 3 have been a joy.

So now that you know exactly how talented my 5 month old is, you can dream that someday you could have a child that is as Super Talented and advanced.

In fact I better go stop him, before he teaches himself how to walk.

So here is Preston in a bunny suit. This suit has since been returned to the store, but I enjoyed it while I had it. (Which was about a day).


The Divine Miss A said...

Jen--how cute!

Kim said...

The bunny suit reminds me a little of the bunny pj's that the boy on a Christmas Story got:). Very cute. Preston's a lot like Macie--crabby the first couple of months but now lights up the room. She used to hate Rich--screamed bloody murder whenever he got near. But now she's such a daddy's girl. I think she loves him more than me. And he can't even feed her:).

Jamie Shilling said...

I don't think he could possibly be any cuter. I love that bunny costume on him. 5 months already!

The Wehrmeister's said...

Thanks Jamie!,
We think he's pretty cute, but I'm delusional so it's good to hear that he actually is cute.

emily and adrian said...

Yeah, he's gonna be pissed about the bunny suit one day. It is adorable though!

Meg said...

Oh, so you're one of those. Did you keep the tags on you prom dress too? Just kidding. He does look adorable. Does he speak English too, or just French and Spanish?