Monday, March 17, 2008

Flashback Monday

Yeah, so I know what you are thinking "Uh Jen it's not called flashback Monday", but when have I ever been one to go along with everyone else. Yes, I've just seen too many Flashback Fridays, Tell-All Thursdays, Thoughtful Thursdays and Willy Wonka's Wednesdays (my personal favorite, because it involves eating whatever you want and having no regrets).

So I was trying to get ready for bed, and I had a FLASHBACK... and it happened to be Monday. So I thought hmmm... I can wait until Friday when I'm supposed to have flashbacks or I can just go with reckless abandon and have a flashback on a Monday.

Everyone that has just started their family and has one child, knows how your life revolves around that one little human. When they smile you smile, when they make doggy noises for the first time you think they are brilliant, and when they go potty for the first time, you feel like all is right in the world (you get where I'm going with this, hopefully)

Today I took Preston to get his 5 months pictures (5 months is a milestone in my house) (pictures to be posted on "Take Pictures Thursday") I decided to make this a Mommy and Preston outing. It reminded me of what life was like just 5 years ago when I only had one monster to keep track of and how everything revolved around this incredible human that Adam and I had made.

I sometimes worry that Paige, Tommy, Preston are missing out on that individual time that Kelly was so blessed to have. I do believe I'm a good mother and I know that I try to find ways to have one on one time with each monster. BUT my world no longer revolves around one human, now several.

Okay it's midnight and I'm not going to make sense for much longer. So I'm going to sign out with some pictures of Kelly (here comes the flashback part) of when she was a much younger girl. I'm thinking Paige will be my next Flashback victim and then I shall skip to Adam, because he has some rockin pics from when he was younger. (But I'll need a scanner for those.)

Kelly at 2 I remember Paige was just a couple of months old, so Kelly and I were playing outside while she was napping. Why she has no clothes on??I can't remember, but I'm sure it was an excellent reason.

Kelly camping with her father. (Don't worry it was inside, I wouldn't have her face that horrid Missouri weather in that tent)

Okay, now EVERYONE always says that Tommy looks just like Adam. What about Kelly, you can not deny the family resemblance here. I mean did I have anything to do in creating this child?

Usually the cooky pictures are of Paige, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you Kelly's impression of a Pirate. That is what she was dressing up as in this picture.

Okay well I'm signing off now, till next time.

I hope you are now filled with more useless knowledge of the Wehrmeisters. There will be a pop quiz at a later date!


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your girls in Primary on Sunday. Kelly's dress was quite cool.
How come I didn't get to see you???

Aim said...

Oh my gosh your kids are so cute. And yes, Kelly looks just like her Daddy. Your blogs crap me up! Love the milestone comments b/c that is right where we are right now, everything Christian does is AMAZING! Poor 2nd, 3rd, etc etc etc.. children.

emily and adrian said...

Well, you have a beautiful family! Truly beautiful in every way! I hope I can handle more than one as well as you have.
And thank you for saying that I am a good mother....I DO need to hear that, esp after today, when I let JuJu eat a whole easter basket of candy in one sitting, and then yelled at her for being hyper. I'm SUCH a good mom!

Kim said...

You're right--I thought Tommy looked just like Adam but after these picture Kelly looks just like him. I know how it feels to have kids that don't look like yours. People are just barely starting to think Ryan looks like me. And no one thinks Macie looks like me. I'm merely an oven to bake Rich's babies in:).