Sunday, November 1, 2009

Practicing Reverence

Today I was home with asthmatic Kelly, and it seems as though I missed the real excitement.

Adam said that Tommy's teacher came and asked him if he could come and get Tommy and 2 of his friends out of the boys bathroom. When he went in there he found that they hadn't even used the bathroom yet, they were just playing.

Then his teacher (The Saint), took them all back to class... for awhile. Eventually 2 of these boys ended up back with their parents (one of those was our Tommy). Adam warned Tommy that Mommy wasn't going to be happy with him.

So here is Tommy practicing being reverent. He had to sit and practice for 20 minutes. I told him that if it happens again, it will be longer.

Yes, I know how miserable he looks. But he did sit there, not speak and keep his arms folded. Adam kept reminding him that reverence begins with quietly sitting.

I told him that being reverence wasn't about being miserable, so he had to put his pouty lip away. This is his attempt at "enjoying" reverence.