Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Day before Kindergarten

So you are the mother of an almost kindergartener.... What should you do? Eat your sorrows away!! It's the day before kindergarten started and we thought we should go and celebrate Kelly starting kindergarten. The monsters decided that they wanted ice cream and we couldn't argue with that idea. We got to Haagen Dazs and started going over our choices. (In the future we will probably limit their "choices" to 2). Kelly tried a couple and quickly made her selection. Paige on the other hand was very Paige like. She wanted "Banila", but after seeing all the other options changed her mind. She tried several taking her time licking the spoon and making sure that not a drop went wasted. After trying many flavors she came to the decision that "Banila" was still the best. Boring to many, but not Paige monster. Luckily Tommy didn't get a choice, he had chocolate. Kelly tried really hard to keep her clothes clean. Obviously her face was a mess, but it was nice to have at least one child that didn't need hosed down. It was fun to watch Paige eat her ice cream. She tried to stay clean, but didn't have much luck. She did find a way though to lick out most of her ice cream while barely touching her cone (Which we paid extra for!) She then handed Daddy the empty cone and said she was done. Little needs to be said about this picture I guess. Tommy decided shortly after recieving his ice cream, that a spoon was a waste of time. He just stuck his face in his cup and proceeded to lick it out like a doggy would. When the ice cream melted enough he would just drink it.