Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful Baby

Delaney Leigh Wehrmeister
January 19th 9:35AM
8lbs 8 ounces, 21 inches
She is beautiful and fabulous and mine.

Things went well with delivery. I was concerned since this was my 5th C-section, but the Dr. said I didn't have too much scar tissue and things everything looked good. I wish I could have been sedated during the epidural, but I'm pretty sure they don't do that.

Recovery is going well, Adam took a couple afternoons off and he starts back on his regular schedule on Monday.

So really there isn't anything else to report. We are doing well right now, but I'm sure we will be going into survival mode in the next week or so. Once we are crazy I'm sure there will be more entertaining things to report.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Our house is a very very very fine house

Last May Adam and I bought a "fixer upper", days after moving in I took a pregnancy test that told us that baby monster 5 was on it's way.

I've promised "updates", but pregnancy (meaning cranky pregnant lady) have delayed those updates.

So with the upcoming arrival of baby monster, Adam and I have been finishing some projects, and starting others. My to do list grows each day, and I'm sure Adam wants to pull more of his hair out each day. BUT he is still putting up with me (which is a good thing.)

So I'll get to the point. Here are a few pictures of our house. Just a sneak peak, not the whole she-bang, don't get your hopes up that more will come soon. I'm not making any promises.

So obviously these are pics of the same rooms, just different views. I love how it's come together. It's the kitchen I always dreamed that I would never have. The fireplace is not finished yet, so don't look too close at that yet, but we are getting there.
Besides the brass front on the fireplace the only thing that is still the same in this house is the garbage disposal.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

From one precious angel to Five amazing Monsters

So I was sitting here reflecting (also known as trying to sleep), about what I needed to get done before we bring this next monster home and I realized how much I have changed since I was pregnant with Kelly. First Baby: I always knew EXACTLY how far along I was 6 weeks 4 days, 30 weeks 2 days.

Fifth Monster: I can tell you EXACTLY when this child is being evicted, but have no idea the number of "weeks" pregnant I am.

First Baby: We rented a Doppler thing so I could hear the baby's heartbeat whenever I wanted.

Fifth Monster: The only Doppler I hear about now is the one that has to do with the weather.

First Baby: I thought I was tired.

Fifth Monster: I realized that tired isn't being pregnant. Tired is being pregnant while you are holding your daughters hair as she throws up because she has the stomach flu, which wouldn't be so bad if you didn't just get over having the stomach bug and had to take care of your 4 year old in the middle of the night while you both were throwing up at the same time. And I didn't even mention that the 2 year old had it the night before. But no I'm not complaining... really I'm not. I think I was probably crying at the time but that was a month ago so I'm totally over it (can't you tell)

First Baby: I honestly thought I might be able to go back to work part time.

Fifth Monster: I realized I couldn't. I couldn't leave these monsters with anyone, because no one would love them as much as me.

First Baby: I was SO excited for her to be born, and so not wanting to be pregnant.

Fifth Monster: Yes, I am excited to meet her, but I know she is much easier inside my tummy and am very content waiting my 11 days 12 hours and 14 minutes that I have left.

First Baby: I loved when we went down to the weekly visits!

Fifth Baby: Last time I went the Dr. said "See you in 2 weeks" and I said " Can I make that 3?". (Which he was fine with)

Oh, but we all know that there are things that don't change. Like the moment they show you your monster for the first time. It's an indescribable feeling. I know this, because I tried to explain it to a friend and I couldn't describe it (which is the definition for indescribable.)

I also love the feeling of holding your newborn baby while they sleep. You are their whole world at that moment. They need you, just as much as you need them.

The hormonal pregnant outbursts. I wish I was a well-behaved pregnant women, but I'm not. I'm a cranky miserable women who hates the world and 97.8 % of the population while I'm pregnant. I have little sympathy for people and I think most people are just stupid. Don't worry I am a normal human again once the baby is out.... well I have so far.

Snow day for the Monsters

Yesterday Paige came home from school and said, "Mr. Salt said that if we want a snow day we have to wear our pajamas inside out and take an ice cube and flush it down the toilet."

Paige, being the obedient student that she is did all of the above and this morning she was richly rewarded!!

There is nothing like a snow day. I love them. I love the magic of them just like when I was little. It almost feels like a gift from above. Like Heavenly Father is saying "Slow Down everyone, take a look at what you have". So that is what we did.

Adam's morning patients were cancelled so he went to go get donuts for the family, then he took the 3 oldest monsters outside for the rest of the morning. We tried to get Preston out there too, but apparently he is "too good" for his snowsuit.

So I got a kick out of dressing Tommy. He would just put on whatever I told him. So I put his sister's swim goggles on him and I thought I was super funny. Plus I did think it would help him stay out there in the wind.

Here is his after shot. His hands are snow covered, but when I took his goggles of he was nice and warm underneath. So note to self: If I'm ever in a blizzard, I'll take my swim gear.

Paigemonster is my biggest snow angel. She is a trooper. I was just lucky to get socks on the girl before she ran out the door. Kelly went out in 3 layers of clothes, 2 of socks and 2 sets of gloves . Paige through on some clothes and ran out the door. I did get gloves and a hat on her, but she she didn't come back in all morning. Kelly would come and get dry gloves whenever hers got wet. Since Missouri isn't known for our mountains, Adam built the monsters a hill to "sled" down. Adam would have stayed out there all day with Paige, but I finally bribed them to come in with hot cocoa. The Aftermath.

Then they got to choose which flavor Hot Cocoa they wanted.

Tommy looks like it's naptime. but no. Yes, even Preston gets hot cocoa.

This is the only picture I could catch of Kelly. I tried to get a few outside, but they didn't turn out.