Friday, January 8, 2010

Our house is a very very very fine house

Last May Adam and I bought a "fixer upper", days after moving in I took a pregnancy test that told us that baby monster 5 was on it's way.

I've promised "updates", but pregnancy (meaning cranky pregnant lady) have delayed those updates.

So with the upcoming arrival of baby monster, Adam and I have been finishing some projects, and starting others. My to do list grows each day, and I'm sure Adam wants to pull more of his hair out each day. BUT he is still putting up with me (which is a good thing.)

So I'll get to the point. Here are a few pictures of our house. Just a sneak peak, not the whole she-bang, don't get your hopes up that more will come soon. I'm not making any promises.

So obviously these are pics of the same rooms, just different views. I love how it's come together. It's the kitchen I always dreamed that I would never have. The fireplace is not finished yet, so don't look too close at that yet, but we are getting there.
Besides the brass front on the fireplace the only thing that is still the same in this house is the garbage disposal.


KC Mom said...

Wow Jen! Holy huge!! Congrats on your new monster and the kitchen sink too!

elizabeth said...

LOVE the back splash. Such a happy kitchen. Just like you Jenn, even when you are pregnant.

Amy R said...

It looks great!!!

Berrett's said...

ooooooh i like i like!!! good work lady! It looks GREAT! When should i move in? ;) Hope you are doing well!!!!!!

love ya

Candi said...

Lookin good, lady! BTW, thanks for putting that song in my head. I'll be humming it all night now. It was so good talking to you! Love ya!

Lynette said...

Wow...that house looks AMAZING!!! It looks so good...did you really do all that work? How did you do it? It is such a pretty house..i can't wait to see more pictures!!

Sie said...

Your house is Fan-TAS-tic. Oh so very adult-like!