Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh what do you do in the Summertime??

So I can tell you that the answer to that question is NOT Blog. I'm sorry to all of my faithful followers (all 2.5 of you) I have not been blogging because well... I don't want to. I could say that it's because I'm "too busy" but in all honesty I still find time to watch Real Housewives of New York so I can't really say that I'm too busy.

What I have been doing this Summer is some pretty fantastical stuff. Probably my favorite part of the Summer has been that my girls were on a swim team. Not just any swim team, MY swim team. The one I used to swim for when I was just a wee tator tot. (No I was not round back then I was just refering to the size of a tator tot).

It started off with a whole lot of prayer. See you have to be able to swim half of a length to be on the swim team and Paige... well she could swim about 2 feet and she knows the universal sign for "Pull me up I'm Drowning".
So I told Paige she would get to go to Swim team for just one week ( I couldn't guarantee that they would actually keep her.) BUT THEY DID!!! (See kiddos prayer works)

So for the months of June and July the girls have been going every morning to practice. They've actually become pretty decent swimmers. That's when they decide to use their arms. A few weeks ago Paige told me that she had discovered that she swims FASTEST when she doesn't use her arms. I of course told her very nicely that she was crazy and that she has to use her arms in the swim meets... Well for her last meet she decided to show off her real skillz.

They shoot off the gun and she goes! Then we realize she's not using her arms. I think that was the first time I have ever heard a coach yell "USE YOUR ARMS" she did the whole length without her arms and NO it was not her fastest time.

So in honor of a fabulous summer filled with swimming here are a few pics

So Here is my newest swimmer... I think she's pretty adorable. Yes I am a mean mother and yes that is a swim cap on her head (and goggles) and NO she did not cry at all. She's used to this kind of abuse, I mean have you seen the bows I put this girl in.

Here is Kelly after she swam in a meet. Pretty darn cute if you ask me.

And then there was Paige. She was able to cut 2 minutes off of her backstroke, and she can now make it all the way across the pool. I would probably say that her favorite part has been the socializing.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

When "Aunt Favorite" babysits

So my sister Michelle brought baby Jonny Lingo to town for her 10year highschool reunion. She didn't think it would be the wisest thing to take him with her to the actual "Celebration" (If that's what you want to call reunions.). So she left baby Lingo with me and Nonnie. Since This is the first baby any of my sisters have had I've never really been called any fun nicknames. So I've come up with my own. Aunt Favorite.

Well I didn't want Lingo's experience to be Boring. I mean when you give yourself a nickname like Aunt Favorite you have to live up to all the hype. So I came up with a very busy schedule for us. It went something like this:

First I fed him the good stuff. I'm sure there was Diet Pepsi in there. I mean all he's had is "milk" so far. I mean I am Aunt Favorite.
Next I taught him how to read. Yeah I am that good. I knew that the only real chance he had at being edjumacated was by me. Then I had him read it to Delaney. Just so he could work on his fluency with the words.
What you can't see here is that he is learning how to tie knots in this picture. All boy scouts have to learn this skill so I thought there is no time like the present. I really want him to be an Eagle scout someday and I know that I can't really count on his parents to teach him anything (I mean really they left him with me)

We also played hide and seek, but I am having trouble finding that picture. When I do though you will see how smart Lingo is. I mean he found the perfect place to hide.

We had a blast though. I love having another little nephew. Who dresses so well too. I mean where did he get all of his clothes from?

July 17th 2000

Ten years ago I met my hotty with a body. He was just as handsome then, and I was a smokin catch. I am so happy that I went to FHE that night. I saw him, I claimed him, I dated him then I married him. I love you Adam. Thanks for falling for me just as hard as I fell for you. Love, ME