Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daddy/Daughter Dance-alicious

I love the Girl Scouts Father/Daughter Dance. The girls have a blast, and the Father's try to dance with their little girls. Adam learned last year, that the older one (ms. kelly) cared more about running around and dancing with her friends then actually dancing with her dad.
Here are some of the monsters in my troop. They are a blast to work with. They are all very strong girls with big personalities. But in a good way.
Ahhh. Who is that hottie behind the mask!?!? Oh it's just me.
Each of the girls got to choose a mask to go home with. They also got a goodie bag full of little things that they will treasure for 15 minutes.

I am so glad that Paige still adores her daddy. She made sure to dance with him alot and pay attention to him.
Hooray! Finally got a picture with Kelly and her dad. Gotta love that girlmonster.

What a great dip. Daddy is such an awesome dancer. He should probably teach classes.