Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

Yes, I know I still haven't written about Paige Monsters Birthday. I will I promise. Just not today.
Today is about the Turkey. The fabulous Bird that we like to celebrate by eating him once a year.
I wonder where we went for Thanksgiving this year??? ST. LOUIS!!! (how did you ever guess).

Instead of focusing on being thankful, I'd like to focus on how tired I am of driving across the state of Missouri. I hate to break it to the "Show Me" state, I've seen all it has to offer and I am done. Way done. I am ready to move to St. Louis so that I don't have to "visit" anymore.

I've done it enough times I can now name the cities by their exit numbers. I know where my favorite Hardees is (exit 16). I know which McDonalds has an outside bathroom (which has become quite convinient) I also know there are about 3 rest stops all about 49 miles from each other.

I know I have to watch my speed around exits 126 (Columbia) and exit 203 (Foristel). Over the past few years I have only recieved one ticket during this drive and I consider that an accomplishment. (If you were stuck in a minivan by yourself with 4 children wouldn't you want to drive a little faster?)

This drive was even easier (for me), because my mom drove with me. We left a week before Thanksgiving so Adam would have a chance to study for Part 2 Boards in December.

We stayed with my mother for the first week and then migrated over to Adam's Mom for the last part. It was fun, we survived. (Have I mentioned we are tired of driving).

So in honor of Turkey Day 2008 Here are some pictures. Hope you Enjoy:

Here we are at Aunt JoJo's house.

Melanie needs to go to Sparkling Cider Anonoumous. She loves the bottle! What else can I say.
Nonnie was there too.
He called them frog fingers. I think he's pretty cute
Me and My girls. Totally adorable if you ask me.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Family Motto

I know Adam really likes that our Family Motto is "Family First".
I think we need to change it to: "Functional Families are overrated".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I don't ask for much

I don't ask for much, so here is my Christmas List:
  • A new mini-van: Preferably one were the handles do not come off and one where the Auto Shop won't know us by name. (Also one that doesn't constantly make a loud whizzing sound that for some odd reason is considered "Normal")

  • A house not connected to anyone else: Honestly I have great neighbors on both sides. But I'm done. I'm ready to be not connected. (Although I will say that if you could find me a 4bedroom Townhouse in St. Louis that was only $500 a month we would probably move in there for a few years.) So maybe I take that back. I don't really need to be unconnected, I just need to move the town homes to STL in June.

  • A Garage: I hate the winter, because I hate loading up all the monsters in the car, while trying to clean all the ice and snow off of it. I'm sure the whole "chasing Tommy" thing will make this winter even more "fun".

  • An Easy Bake Oven: Don't laugh. I've always wanted one. ALWAYS. Always been denied. I want one so badly (and no I am not joking) I remember using one at my friend's house, and I only got to be the "assistant" chef, because it was her oven. But no, no I don't need therapy.

  • A robot that Puts Clothes away: Self explanatory, I think. I mean they already have one that vacuums on it's own. They also have one that mops. Why can't I have one that flies around the house and neatly drops all of the clothes in the right drawers. I'm sure there would have to be a few prototypes to really get it right, but I'm willing to wait and work through it.

  • A Bedazzler: I have mentioned this in a previous post, yet I have still not recieved one. I'm even more excited, because on Red Neck Weddings I learned serveral new uses for it, that I hadn't even thought of.

  • A fountain Dispenser that only holds Diet Pepsi: A Glorious Idea if I do say so myself. I'm thinking Regular Diet, and Cherry Diet and Lime Diet... I'm sure my idea will catch on quickly and everyone will have them on their nightstand. (And yes, I know how awful a person I am for drinking soda and not letting my children drink it.)

  • Roller Skates: Not really practical I know. Just a thought.

  • A King Size Bed: Lately we have had many "visitors" join us in our bed at night. We don't all fit. I'm usually the one that suffers, so this would be a nice solution.

  • A King Size Room that would actually fit my New King Sized Bed: I don't know how the Co-Op would feel about us "expanding" our town home. We would probably have to chop down a tree or 2, but it would all be worth it if in the end I had my brand new King Sized Bed.

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones that only play "I will Survive" and "Don't cha wish your girlfriend were hot like me" : No explanation needed.

  • Tap Shoes

  • A NEW COMPUTER THAT WORKS: (Instead of one that doesn't have the Internet at all (or a functioning battery), one that doesn't turn on and one that only stays connected to the Internet for 7.5 minutes at a time)

  • A Nanny: I have recently discovered that Tommy doesn't know his colors and has no desire to learn them. Therefore I am failing as a mother and must have a temporary replacement.

  • A Vacation: This one gets tricky. Although I would like a vacation without the children, what I really want is a vacation where the kids are with us for half of the time. So I'm thinking, something like Adam and I go to Disney World for 4 days by ourselves. Then we have the monsters shipped to us for the remaining 3 days. I will have eaten enough Churros and gone on enough rides that I will be missing my children and be ready for them to join us.

So that is the first part of my list. I'm sure I will think of more later and update my list. Don't worry I won't hold it against you if you can only get me one thing from my list.

Monday, November 10, 2008

About my head

Just because my face is looking fuller in pictures, doesn't necessarily mean I'm getting fatter. It could just mean that my head is growing larger.

There is some food for thought. Speaking of food... I have to go eat something I'm sure.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Change is coming...

in the weather.

My ankle has been hurting today, so I'm sure that my happy 70 degree weather is leaving me.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Don't worry I will be posting Paige's birthday post soon, I just wanted to get my Halloween pictures up, so that my family can see how cute their grandbabies (or nieces and nephews) were.
Halloween actually went well. No one was lost, no one ate poisoned candy... yet, There were no tears!
To be honest Halloween isn't my holiday. I have several neighbors that love the holiday. They get all dressed up, they work hard on their costumes or they have great decorations.

At the Wehrmeister house we decorate pumpkins about 4 days before Halloween and then I say "Okay what do you want to be on Halloween."

This year I did plan ahead a little. I knew if I gave Paige a Barbie Castle Diamond Princess Dress for her birthday, that she would want to wear it for Halloween. I was right! (One down 3 more to dress.)
Kelly was Dorothy last year, and I bought the costume a little big so that it would last. SO That's what she wanted to go as again! (Halfway done now)
Preston's costume was on sale last year. I got it at Gymboree for $4.95.
Tommy didn't have a choice, since Preston was a pirate that's what Tommy was going to be too.

They are the super cutest pirates I have seen. Tommy does a really good Aaarrgh, for his pirate impersonation. Preston kinda just sits and smiles, but we love him anyway.

Here is Mr. Preston and his Hayden. As soon as we put Hayden in with him he started smiling and laughing. It will be sad when we have to leave all of these great people. Built in best friends on every corner. Who could ask for more.

This is my "Little bit of Crazy"

This is the best picture I got of all 4 of them.