Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

Yes, I know I still haven't written about Paige Monsters Birthday. I will I promise. Just not today.
Today is about the Turkey. The fabulous Bird that we like to celebrate by eating him once a year.
I wonder where we went for Thanksgiving this year??? ST. LOUIS!!! (how did you ever guess).

Instead of focusing on being thankful, I'd like to focus on how tired I am of driving across the state of Missouri. I hate to break it to the "Show Me" state, I've seen all it has to offer and I am done. Way done. I am ready to move to St. Louis so that I don't have to "visit" anymore.

I've done it enough times I can now name the cities by their exit numbers. I know where my favorite Hardees is (exit 16). I know which McDonalds has an outside bathroom (which has become quite convinient) I also know there are about 3 rest stops all about 49 miles from each other.

I know I have to watch my speed around exits 126 (Columbia) and exit 203 (Foristel). Over the past few years I have only recieved one ticket during this drive and I consider that an accomplishment. (If you were stuck in a minivan by yourself with 4 children wouldn't you want to drive a little faster?)

This drive was even easier (for me), because my mom drove with me. We left a week before Thanksgiving so Adam would have a chance to study for Part 2 Boards in December.

We stayed with my mother for the first week and then migrated over to Adam's Mom for the last part. It was fun, we survived. (Have I mentioned we are tired of driving).

So in honor of Turkey Day 2008 Here are some pictures. Hope you Enjoy:

Here we are at Aunt JoJo's house.

Melanie needs to go to Sparkling Cider Anonoumous. She loves the bottle! What else can I say.
Nonnie was there too.
He called them frog fingers. I think he's pretty cute
Me and My girls. Totally adorable if you ask me.


Amy R said...

You all look so nice. I love the girls' dresses. Do you think they have it in my size? Seriously, I think I secretly want to dress like a 5-year-old girl. Not so secretly anymore...oops.

Aim said...

AW!! I love the last picture, its adorable!

Heather said...

Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving. I love the last picture, too. You look great! Tommy looks like a mini-me for Adam--amazing. Where are the Black Friday waiting in line pictures?

elizabeth said...

So what cop would have the audacity to give a mother with four children in the back a speeding ticket? Good job on only one ticket over the years. I do love you and the girls.

Emily said...

You silly girl. Moving to St. Louis wont end the driving. You'll have to drive to KC for those fantastic slumber parties with the Burneson's.

Love Ya!

p.s. love the olives Tommy! My boys do the same thing.

Kara said...

Yes, we are ready for you to move back too. For us, it's the drive to Denver and back. I could do it with my eyes closed.
The kids are growing so fast and so darn cute.
Merry Christmas!