Monday, November 10, 2008

About my head

Just because my face is looking fuller in pictures, doesn't necessarily mean I'm getting fatter. It could just mean that my head is growing larger.

There is some food for thought. Speaking of food... I have to go eat something I'm sure.



Aby Runyan said...

This is going to be my new motto, or mantra - or whatever:
My face is NOT fulller, my HEAD is bigger! Duh!!!

Thank you for the awesome inspiration!
luvs, aby

PS - I'm not pregnant either, although I kind of wish I was just to explain the growing bulge that is my stomach.

Amy R said...

I have the unexplainable bigger head and tummy bulge, too. I'm sure it's unrelated to Halloween candy.

Rebecca said...

LOL. I'll have to steal that quote too.

KC Mom said...

I was just going to say that about my butt.'s not that my butt is's the wide angle cameras everyone's got right now! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

elizabeth said...

Who ever said that about your head? Sorry but your head isn't growing and neither is your face getting fuller. I burst your bubble.

The Pagets in Florida said...

you are apparently not blogging enough. If you blogged more then more would get out of your head and it could get smaller... right?

K2 said...

You crack me up. I am also sad we will not be able to meet this time when I am in KC. I guess we'll just have to be bloggy buddies for now.

I blame it on Mar too.