Saturday, November 1, 2008


Don't worry I will be posting Paige's birthday post soon, I just wanted to get my Halloween pictures up, so that my family can see how cute their grandbabies (or nieces and nephews) were.
Halloween actually went well. No one was lost, no one ate poisoned candy... yet, There were no tears!
To be honest Halloween isn't my holiday. I have several neighbors that love the holiday. They get all dressed up, they work hard on their costumes or they have great decorations.

At the Wehrmeister house we decorate pumpkins about 4 days before Halloween and then I say "Okay what do you want to be on Halloween."

This year I did plan ahead a little. I knew if I gave Paige a Barbie Castle Diamond Princess Dress for her birthday, that she would want to wear it for Halloween. I was right! (One down 3 more to dress.)
Kelly was Dorothy last year, and I bought the costume a little big so that it would last. SO That's what she wanted to go as again! (Halfway done now)
Preston's costume was on sale last year. I got it at Gymboree for $4.95.
Tommy didn't have a choice, since Preston was a pirate that's what Tommy was going to be too.

They are the super cutest pirates I have seen. Tommy does a really good Aaarrgh, for his pirate impersonation. Preston kinda just sits and smiles, but we love him anyway.

Here is Mr. Preston and his Hayden. As soon as we put Hayden in with him he started smiling and laughing. It will be sad when we have to leave all of these great people. Built in best friends on every corner. Who could ask for more.

This is my "Little bit of Crazy"

This is the best picture I got of all 4 of them.


Amy R said...

Totally cute.

Rich said...

Ok, Preston is so flippin cute in that costume. I got Macie's costume last year at the Children's Place for 2.48. I thought, heck, for 2.48 I don't care if it's a slug costume:). All your other kids look cute, too. I can't imagine having to figure out costumes for 4 kids! Halloween isn't my best holiday either. Oh, crap, looks like I'm signed in as Rich. Oh well, just know this is from Kim.

Aim said...

Too cute! I am one who loves Halloween so I plan what I am going to be all year. You did a great job on the kids costumes, they look darling. You should dress up, its so fun!

Karen said...

really, really cute!!!

Christine said...

Oh are a breath of fresh air. I ALWAYS look forward to reading your blog (don't laugh...I'm serious). I share your sentiments about Halloween...not my favorite holiday either. Way cute kids you have girl. It's impressive to get all of them looking at you at one time for a family I discovered.

Oh, and I love the pic of you and Adam at Homecoming. You look dreamy girl...just dreamy.

Gram said...

Thanks for posting Halloween pics. I was hoping you did. They look great. I hated having to come up with a costume idea - don't know that I ever did. Think the kids had to come up with it. It's my least favorite Holiday. I only had 26 visitors - gave out big candy bars instead of junk!

Nonnie said...

Aarrgh,I can't wait to hear Tommy say it!!Preston makes a really great pirate,even with hisbelt way high on his chest. He could just have a long neclace on!Our princess and Dorothy look adorable too! AND her ruby slippers really still fit.You made it past another
Halloween !!! Woo Hoo!!!!

The Pagets in Florida said...

Our Kids loved your kids' costumes.

The Divine Miss A said...

So cute, Jen! So cute! Wish I could have been there.

Shortcake and Company said...

Very cute. And, you gotta love the $4.95 costumes. Cute kiddos in cute costumes.

Anonymous said...

Awww I love kids in their costumes!
Seriously Preston looks great!
I'm with you though. I actually do love Halloween, but I don't need to stress about making sure everyone's costumes & the decorations are perfect to enjoy it. I can't wait until Taj can just tell me what he wants to be & we can all just enjoy it for the fun of it, not the preparation!

Sam Ransom said...

So cute!! I'm impressed you got all four of them there sitting so nicely!! Great job!!