Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ONEderful (yep, thought of that one myself)

I know I am behind on this post, but I've been busy watching my house get messier. (Laziness is hard work sometimes, you really have to fight those urges to do something productive.)

. My hands will be tired shortly from all this typing. I will definitely have to stop and rest when I finish.
So on October 12th, my happy little monster turned 1 ! YEAH GO PRESTON!
It was really nice to have my mom and dad visit for his birthday. We had a good time and the kids had a blast.
Here is Pres opening up his present from Grampy.

He had to stop for a snack. Being one can really be exhausting you know.

Here is my version of a cake. An easy cake. I don't claim for this cake to be anything except ordinary. I used 99 cent box of cake and frosting from a container. You always see pictures of the perfect cakes on blogs, so I thought that I would show you average. As long as you don't strive for excellence, average is acceptable.

Preston kinda likes my average cake... I stuck his hands in it myself.

Here I am with My Dad and the Star of the night.

Here are my cupcakes.

We do have friends! Thanks to everyone who came and made Preston's day special (for me, he's not going to remember it.). I could go on about how sweet and wonderful my neighbors are, but we all know that they came for the free food.

You might be looking at this picture thinking about how sweet he looks, and how big his eyes are or that he has eyelashes.

The only thing that I think of is how Adam picked out the bib the "Daddy Loves Me" bib on purpose. Totally not fair. It should have been the "Mommy spent the last year nursing me while you didn't have to deal with the feedings" bib. But that one was in the washing machine

So this is the part of the post where I tell you how special and wonderful my son is (it's in the blog bragger rules).

The truth is, a year ago I would never EVER have thought that this boy was going to be such a happy child.

He was a crier, a screamer, a non sleeper, we called him our bi polar baby. He was incredibly difficult, and if he would have been my first child I would probably have ended up in a deep depression thinking that all babies were like that.

In fact, my initial plan when I named him was to call him P.J. I thought it was a nice nickname. The only problem was that I thought he was to grumpy to be a P. J. The baby I had envisioned was going to be cuddly and sweet, cry little, laugh often... That was not Baby Preston.

But one day he changed:

  • Now he sleeps well, cries little, and laughs often.
  • He smiles with his whole face. And when he smiles at you, you feel like you are the most important person in the room.
  • He thinks his sisters are the best, and he knows that his brother is trouble.
  • He refuses to say mama, and rarely says dada.
  • He is almost walking
  • He waves and says Hi
  • His best friend is Hayden and His girlfriend is Lorelai. (Although she does like to bite his bum and slap him around occasionally.)
  • He likes to sing, although he is tone deaf. (Poor Boy sounds like his mom)

I know his list of accomplishments will bore many of you, but to me it represents the past year of my life. We had a rocky start with Mr. Preston, I am so happy with the little monster that he is growing into.

Happy Birthday Preston-dido. Your Mom thinks you are



Heather said...

Happy Birthday Preston!!! Sorry we couldn't come for the free food--um, I mean to help you celebrate. You look just like Kelly in the pics. So cute. I'm glad you had a fun day and have such great parents. Love Aunt Heather

Amy R said...

What a cutie! We all know he love mommy best. You don't need a bib!

Lyndsay said...

Hey, Preston and I have the same birthday! He also sounds just like my 4th. My 4th was so colicky and never slept, etc, etc., etc. But now he's 10 months and he is a totally different kid. Just like you described. You're kids are darling by the way!

kate said...

What a cute kiddo! Your party was a blast, even if I came for the free cupcakes, and I think your cake was Onederful! P.S. Thanks for the shout out.

Brandi Hastings said...

Happy bday Preston! Man! That year went fast! Hope to see you around sometime soon!

The Farmer Family said...

Great name and great kid! He is a doll and I'm happy for you that he is a happy baby now. YOur average cake is great and wonderful and looks like quite the party.

elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Preston-dido. You are one of my favorite one-year olds ever. I love your happy smiling face!!

Gram said...

Finally - I've been waiting for Preston's b'day pictures. What a cutie he is and I agree he looks so much like Kelly. Looks like he had a great celebration! Hugs and kisses to everyone!