Friday, July 31, 2009

In my dream world...

In my dream world, when I say "Hey everyone it's Naptime!!", the children would cheer and run for their beds. ALL OF THEM. Everyone would say, "Thanks mom for letting us take a nap."

Then we would all sleep, including me of course. But that's just in my dream world. It's back to reality for me.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dear St. Louis

Dear St. Louis,

I might just stay... if your lucky.

It's already been 2 months (but it feels like 6). I still don't like most humans (that's one of those side effects of growing a baby in your tummy), but we have started interviewing for friends.

Our first interview went well, we liked their kids (they had girls to play with my girls and that gave them BONUS points) and we enjoyed their company. They don't seem super odd (just odd enough to hang out with us).

We do have some more openings for "friend interviews" if anyone is interested they should fill out an application and it will be "reviewed" (so basically if I don't get back to you it's just a nice way of saying we don't want any)

The house is still coming along, the waterproofing is done, and the rooms are worked on right now, BUT the carpet was backordered so it won't be in till the middle of August. (Totally stinky, but what do you do!)

If anyone has the sudden urge to unpack something, please come my way, because we sure have a bunch still to unpack. I don't think we will be done anytime soon. Actually I'm just waiting 5 months or so till the "nesting" sets in, and then suddenly I will get all the boxes unpacked in like 2 hours. I always find it amazing what you can do that last month of pregnancy when preparing for your baby monster.

For all of you wondering if this is STILL the Grande Finale, the answer is yes.

Also, we find out next month what we are having. And we have decided that we will find out and then not tell anyone. It's a different kind of surprise. I always like to know how the book is going to end, so this way I'll still get to know how this one is going to come out, but YOU will be surprised. (I know, I have such great ideas sometimes... i even surprise myself)

So overall we are enjoying St. Louis. We love being around family, and we can tell that at some point in the future there is hope that we will find friends.

But really, there are some questions you should ask yourself before applying to be our friend:

1.) Do you mind naked 4 year old boys? My son has been know to come out of the bathroom with no pants on. Is this something that we encourage? No. But it is our reality and it comes with being part of the Wehrmeister entourage.

2.) Do you mind random singing of show tunes? This would be a Jen disorder. Any word at any moment could have her singing. Once again, this is not something we encourage.

3.) Do you mind going to the dentist. Because you see everytime you come to our house you are in fact going to the Dentist. And although that does go against everything I believe in, if I can adjust I think our friends should be able to.

4.) Do you mind "Making yourself at Home" this is my nice way of saying "I'm not going to help you, so if you want it you get it." I am normally much more hospitable, but this whole growing baby, feel like crap thing is getting to me right now.

5.) Oh and then there are those that love Activities. I am normally one of those, but right now our biggest activity is napping. So if you want me to go rock climbing you should wait till next July to apply for this friendship, because come December I will be the size of a boulder, so I don't need to be climbing one.

I'm sure there are many other reasons why people should not apply to be our friend, but I am too lazy to write out anymore.

Also, next entry I will add pictures, NOT pics of my house yet, but still pics.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things I have forgotten to mention:

So the reason for my lackage of blogage would be the whole growing baby in the tummy issue. The TV and internet make me nauseous, so that makes visits to my blog and other blogs very short. (It's not cause I'm facebooking Aby, that makes me sick too). So there are many things I have forgotten to mention, not because I don't think you don't care about every little detail of my life, but because I get sick just thinking of typing (and yes, I feel crap-a-delic right now in case you were wondering).
So here is what my faithful followers have missed (don't cry, maybe I'll make it up to you later... probably not.)
  • Adam turned 30. We had a fabulous party that involved fireworks (oh wait shoot that was just the 4th of July celebration. I hate when I mix those things up). No we actually went out to lunch with our Burneson's who drove all the way from KC for the lunch (dedication is key to being my friend).

  • The kids are still in day camp. They love it. OTHER people are taking them to the pool, so that makes me thrilled. I don't feel like going to the pool, because I'm sure I'd find something there to make me nauseous there. (I'm sure a downer huh?)

  • Adam is my work slave... and yes I wish I was joking. I think those donkey's in Mexico get more breaks then Adam. He works, and then does so much around the house, because his wife is too busy feeling like a dead tomato and growing a baby in her tummy too get much accomplished. If he stays with me through this pregnancy, he's going to deserve a raise when the kid comes.

  • We now have an additional nickname for Grand Finale. We also call baby "Tiebreaker" The girls want a girl and the boys want a boy. I had a dream that it was a boy and that I cried. Because all future votes of "Do you want to go fishing or to the mall?" had been decided with one sonogram. Rather depressing huh? It's okay I'll just name the boy Jenna so at least I'll feel better about it.

  • Tommy TURNS 4 TOMORROW! This seems to be the never ending birthday though. We had a party at the Magic House on Saturday, then today we celebrated his (and my brother in law Josh's) birthday at my parents, and then tomorrow we go to Gram's for a continuous celebration of the Tommy that we all love.

Well, before I get sick I'm going to sign out. I don't feel like my posts are as amusing as usual these days, and I apologize for my blahness, but hopefully once I feel better I will find all things humorous once more.

Signing out now.

Dr. Pepper

One time I was in a car accident. I was a wreck and crying and called up my sweet husband to come and pick me up. He showed up... with a Dr. Pepper. He thought it would help me feel better, and he was so right.

Reason 475 why I love Adam.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Magical Goody Bags.

There is something magical about taking dollar store items and putting them in a Goody Bag for a birthday party. I don't understand it yet, but someday when I have figured it out I'll let you know.
I was sitting on the bed organizing the goody bags for Tommy's party tomorrow when the kids came in and were super excited. (I was wondering if they saw the same items I did). Tommy picked up a plastic frog and said "Did you buy this?" When I said yes, He Cheered. Like raise your arms in the air cheer. Kelly the 7 1/2 year old saw the same cheapy items and asked "Do I get a goody bag too?" I'm still thinking who would want one of these.
Next, Tommy sat on the bed next to me and very carefully handed me a fruit snack package for each bag. Just an ordinary fruit snack package, but tonight it meant so much more. To him these were the specially chosen fruit snacks that were carefully prepared for his goody bags, and he couldn't be more grateful. He was glowing.
Just before the kids came in, I was sitting there complaining to Adam about how I didn't like getting the bags ready, it's just one of those things that you have to do.
But obviously I was the one missing out on the special experience I could have been having. I really do enjoy these little monsters of mine.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dear Kansas City,

Dear Kansas City,
I hear that you are desperately missing us. That you can't sleep at night and that mobs and mobs of people are chanting our name.

I've heard rumors of a Hunger strike until we return. I've also been told that counselors are on 24 hour Standby to listen to you cry about your longing for our family.

Well, Kansas City... we miss you too.

Kelly Misses: Edge Gymnastics, English Landing, Sophie, The Down Park, The up Park, sleepovers with the Burnesons, Sis. Fitzsimmons, Red Lobster

Paige Misses: Capri, Eli, Ms. Mary, Capri, Sophie, Belen, The Down Park, Briann, Sis. Berrey and Dave, Kendra, Did I mention Capri?

Tommy Misses: EVERYTHING, Garrison, neighborhood friends, riding bikes everyday, all the parks, Dave, Dallin, play dates, Briann and Emma, Rome, Josh and Josh's house.

Preston: hmmm... I got nuthin.

I was on the computer tonight and I found some pictures of our last days there. So I thought I'd share.

Us and our Berrey's. We love these guys! They are the kind of friends anyone would love. They help you at a moments notice, they stay up late to just hang out, they are fun to be around and they live 2 doors down (which made our late nights easy).

Tommy's Too Cool impression.

Our last Sunday at Church.

On the street where I live...d see my beautiful friends. If you are wondering how they are all so beautiful and skinny, it's because they don't eat. Trust me, I've watched them for years, and they never eat. Which leaves me more food to consume at our get-togethers, (and yes I do consume) so hopefully I can find some ugly people to be friends with in STL.

This is Adam and Dave doing their Zombie impressions. Please don't ask me, I really don't understand them.

And I guess if you were lucky enough to read through this whole entry, I should let you know that we are having another baby. This one's nickname is Grand Finale.