Monday, November 12, 2007

Fall's here!

So as the days have been passing it has become very apparent that we are running out of time to play in the leaves. It seems to be getting colder all the time and nobody likes to play in the leaves once they are nice and soggy. Sooo... I finally got them all out there to play. Of course part of my reasoning was to get some good pics for their scrapbooks. (I told Paige that everybody wears overalls when they play in the leaves. It's kind of like a rule.)

Paige and Tommy were having the most fun in the leaves. Kelly... not so much. She liked it at the beginning, but then she wanted to play tag, and noone wanted to play with her.

Little Preston in a wagon. He is now one month old.

Tommy decided to take Preston for a walk.

So I know it's not the best picture, but it was a one shot kind of deal. The girls were cooperating so well, and I finally got Tommy to run over and lay down for a moment. Then he jumped up grabbed more leaves and ran off again. Sooo... This is it

Tommy seemed at home in the leaves. He loved rolling around and throwing them. Maybe he thinks he is a squirrell.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

So our Halloween went really well. Adam went out with the monsters and I stayed back with baby Preston. We were in charge of handing out all the candy.
Of course before I let them leave I made them take about 50 pictures. It was taking a long time to get good ones so I started bribing them with candy. We eventually got some good pictures. I still don't think I have one where they are all looking at me, but I can't have it all I guess.

Here we are outside the townhouse by a tree. I tried taking pictures on the otherside of the tree, but Tommy was too interested with turning around, so I had to change my shot.

This picture makes me laugh. Kelly looks adorable and then you notice the little frog in the corner. I mean it I couldn't get Tommy out of the tree... maybe he was a tree frog.

Here is baby Preston. The costume he had on kept him really warm. He was very comfortable in it.

I would say Peek-A-Boo! and he would poke his head through the tree. I was just happy to finally get him to look at the camera.

Here is our scary Purple dragon Paige. Originally we had wanted her to be the wicked witch, since Kelly was Dorothy. She thought it was a great idea at first, but then our neighbor told her that she would have to have green skin for the night and she changed her mind fast... Well untill 10 minutes before they were supposed to go Trick-or-Treating. When I was putting her costume on her she looked at me and said, "Mom, I changed my mind. I'd like to be a witch for Halloween." It was a very Paige moment.

So here I am with Preston. He was great during Trick-or-Treating. He just slept in my arms the whole time.