Friday, May 14, 2010

Utah Bow Size Disorder (UBSD)

So we all kind of know that the size of girls baby bows is a little out of control. Especially in one state.... Utah. We've all seen it. The first time we see it we think "That mom's crazy". Then the next time we see it we think "Well maybe it's helping the baby with neck strength, and her core muscles".

And we continue to lose our own good judgement. Before we know it we are asking "Where did you get that bow", then we are suddenly wanting to learn how to make those ridiculously large bows. At the peak of this we begin to buy the bows from Etsy shops all over. Then one morning we wake up to find that we have about 50 lbs worth of bows.

I call this disease UBSD. Utah Bow Size Disorder. And I too have fallen into this trap. BUT since I am all about keeping up with the newest and greatest trends, I have started my own. It's now not about size, it's about quantity. Laney will be the hippest girl on the block. And yes the first time you look at this picture you will think "Is it safe for Jennifer to be parenting". But before you know it you will be wanting to know how I came up with such a brilliant plan.

It does take awhile to get the bows on just right. This will help teach your child patience and good head control.

She may not lovee it at first, but this helps teach our daughters that Beauty is #1. And as you can see, they eventually love the look. Ahh yes Delaney, your bows will take you far in life. I can see it now!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Aprilness in May

Dearest Blog,
So sorry that I didn't keep up with you in April... It seems that I've been kinda busy. So in case you were wondering what we've been up to.
Kelly: Still being the best big sister around. Although she does this whiney thing in a high pitched voice that seems very unnatural. It is followed with her waving her arms above her head and saying something like "Why Me!"... then she normally storms off to her room (where I have sent her). I will try to videotape it someday. I'm sure I could use it for blackmail at a later point in her life.
On the upside, even when she is in the middle of a tantrum if she sees her 2 year old brother she stops and takes care of him. Hey at least she's got her priorities.
Paige: Paige recently recieved a hand-me-down red polo. When she saw it she was overjoyed! She said "Wow mom! You got me a SPY SHIRT!!" Huh? What is this girl talking about. Anywho. She changes into it often after school and then goes on spy missions around the house. I really hope she doesn't scare off potential friends.
She has also lost half-a-dozen teeth , and the toothfairy and her are BFF. She is still chasing butterflies and her idea of "moving fast" involves dancing and skipping and wondering across a room. She's quite a character.
Tommy: Tommy adores his newborn sister. I see brother and sisterly love on a daily basis, but NOTHING like this. He sits and stares at her, talks and goos at her. He has this obsession with holding her hand whenever he is near. He glows when she is in the room.
Preston: We are just counting down the days till he is no longer 2.