Sunday, April 19, 2009


I think Easter brings out the best in... some of us. There are those that spend this time of year thinking about the "true" meaning of Easter, and then there are Wehrmeisters.

Don't get me wrong I do my fair share of talking to the monsters about Jesus and how he died for us, but sometimes it's on the way down the candy section looking for Russell Stovers Milk Chocolate Marshmellow Easter Eggs.

My girls seem to handle the Easter season okay, but the boys seem to have a problem worse then mine. I've always known that Tommy's sweet tooth was stronger than his conscience.

One morning (when he was 2) I found him asleep on top of a pile of chocolate. It was melted chocolate and it was all over his pajamas and face and hands. In the middle of the night he had climbed on top of the Fridge and taken all of the chocolate up to his room and then he tried ONE bite of each item.

Preston isn't as stealth yet. If he sees candy, he just does this high pitch scream (kinda like the national service broadcast system, that if it were an actual emergancy would be followed by information).

It's pretty effective, if he can't get something from a sibling, he usually has me begging for someone to give him something just to get the noice to stop. Yep, he's already getting good at manipulation.

This year we did a really good job of hiding all of the candy so that they weren't able to eat it ahead of time. The only problem is that we hid it in Adam's tummy. He has been stressed about boards so at night he would take the candy up stairs and eat it. Usually all of it.

This year we went out to St. Louis for Easter. We actually went out Wednesday night and stayed till Sunday afternoon. Adam got more work done on the house and by the time we left the painter (not Adam) had primed the bedrooms. We've also ordered the carpet and we now have a ceiling in the kitchen. He was able to escape from the house work just long enough to have an Easter Egg hunt with Gram (no pictures here, but just close your eyes and imagine 4 monsters running around outside of a house looking for candy)

We stayed with Nonnie and Poppy and it was wonderful. Easter was great, they woke up on Easter Morning and were so happy to find their baskets. I've attached photos of them in their "true state" no bows or brushed hair. Just the monsters eating candy at 6:30 AM (every child's dream come true)

Oh and yes we did discuss the real reason for Easter. Although, in our house we try to make Jesus a regular topic, not just one that we talk about when Holidays come around

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Paige Monster's brain has been in overdrive lately. She keeps me laughing.

Paige: Mom, I have on a black Christmas tree shirt, and maybe blue leggings

Me: Paige your clothes don't match... and it's not Christmas

Paige: Maybe Blue goes with black

Me: Please go try again.

(Just so you know, Maybe Blue is actually Navy blue. Paige just thinks it's called maybe blue)


Paige: I miss my favorite Thermometer!

Me: Your favorite what?

Paige: I am on a new bus and now I don't have my favorite Thermometer. She was so nice. She was my favorite.

(Thermometer is another word for Monitor or themonitor. Her school bus has a bus driver and a bus monitor and she had to switch buses and her favorite monitor is now gone... poor Paige)


Paige: Mom, Connor used to be in my class and then he just floated away.

Me: (gives miss monster a funny look)

Paige: No really Mom, he was in my class one day and left the room and never came back. He must have floated away.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


At the end of April the BYU Ballroom Dancers are coming to Kansas City. I am super duper excited. I bought tickets for Adam, me and the 2 girl monsters. I am so excited!!
But all of my St. Louis friends should not worry! They are coming to you too. And now I am jealous, because the tickets are even cheaper for you!

They will be in St. Louis Friday May 1st @ 7:30.
The tickets are only $10.00!

I don't know if they are doing the same numbers that they are here in Kansas City, but if they are it'll be great!
It's also such a fun little date to take your girls (or boys) on.
So go now and buy some tickets.

My daughter the musical

Paige is sitting at the gym after Gymnastics practice. Next thing I hear is Paige singing "Do- a deer- a female deer". (You guys know the song it's from Sound of Music).

So she get's through the song once and starts over. This time though, the lady sitting across from her joins in. Then another women comes and sings. By the end we have a table full of adults singing along with my 5 year old.

She was pretty cute. (And yes of course I joined in. She's mine I have to support the insanity)

Townhome Meeting

Last night we had a townhome meeting.

I called 3 people to remind them.

All 3 people came, and won door prizes. I won

nothing. Hmmm... I should have asked for a cut.

Monday, April 6, 2009

German Shepherds

So Adam wants a German Shepherd. That's the only kind he wants. I have come up with lots of better ideas (like a maltese, yorkshire terrier... you know the cute ones), but he wants this one.

So here is what I know:

1.) They shed alot.

2.) They get big

3.) They get bigger than a yorkshire terrier.

So here is where my fabulous friends (or strangers) come in. I would like you to tell me everything bad and good that you know about German Shepherds.

I'm not looking for info on other breeds JUST GERMAN SHEPHERDS.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Next Month

Since it is April, I can now say that I am moving "next month".
Adam graduates in 35 days.
I am busy pretending to pack.
I get out the boxes and then leave them there... empty... because I'm afraid to pack something that we might be using in the next 6 1/2 weeks. Because that's all we have left here folks is 6. 5 weeks. That's nothing. That's no time. So maybe I should just start really packing.

I'd like to say something exciting, but honestly I've got nothing to give. I haven't bought a new SD card, so I have no pics of my kiddos to show you. So nuthin. I've got nuthin.

I can tell you that I hate construction on houses. (Mine or other peoples)

I could also tell you that in my ideal world we would use no money. Only stickers. Any kind of sticker!

But someday this will all be just a distant memory. And I will be saying things like "remember when Adam was in Dental School".