Monday, April 6, 2009

German Shepherds

So Adam wants a German Shepherd. That's the only kind he wants. I have come up with lots of better ideas (like a maltese, yorkshire terrier... you know the cute ones), but he wants this one.

So here is what I know:

1.) They shed alot.

2.) They get big

3.) They get bigger than a yorkshire terrier.

So here is where my fabulous friends (or strangers) come in. I would like you to tell me everything bad and good that you know about German Shepherds.

I'm not looking for info on other breeds JUST GERMAN SHEPHERDS.


Sam Ransom said...

Umm I'm pretty sure that is the same kind of dogs that John and Kate Plus 8 got. hehe :)

Laci & Daniel said...

think of the poop jen. think of the poop.


Kara said...

you want one more thing to take care of?????? yorkshire terrier or german shepherd = more work

Kim said...

I think that they require a lot of time, attention, and training in order for them to be happy and behave. Is that something that your dentist husband can provide? Cuz if not, then you'll get to:).

This Is Our Heaven.... said...

dogs period are hard work. They are like having another child. Cats are so much easier and they aren't constantly at your feet. just my 2 cents.

The Wehrmeister's said...

Thanks Kim, I have read that about their training as well. I've sat my sweet husband down to read a couple of articles.

Jennifer said...

I know you said you didn't want info on other breeds but I'll give you my two cents based on my own Australian Shepherd experience, because I have no GS experience. Our dog needed tons of attention as a puppy. Tons. I don't want to even talk about it. The chewing, oh the chewing.... Furniture, clothes, carpets, walls. And I think the attention-thing is true for all shepherds.

But, I have to tell you that we love our dog to death and she is completely mellow now. I feel safer with a bigger dog in the house, and she is very gentle and tolerant of the kids. I've even come to terms with the shedding, because that means I don't have to pay to have her groomed. We bathe and brush her and move on.

And this may seem random, but you know that eye gunk that smaller dogs get under their eyes? That really disgusts me. But my dog? No eye gunk!

Good luck with your dog quest. And make sure you add "new carpeting" into your budget a couple of years from now.

The Pagets in Florida said...

big slobbery tongue

The Wehrmeister's said...

Thanks Jen. Oh how I wish Adam liked my idea for a small dog. I'm giong to have to keep working on it.

Rappleye said...

Jen...we have a Bichon...13 lbs...full grown! Love it. They are good with kids, do NOT shed, they are hypo allergenic and leave behind very small poop (hee, hee). He was easy to train and is very well behaved. We researched LOTS of dogs before getting him...and we wouldn't trade him!

Sierra by Storm said...

My mom had a german shepherd when she was growing up. She only has good things to say; super smart, protective of her, fun to play with...
but they do shed. That might be a deal breaker for me, though I am the Queen of Allergies.

Rebecca said...

My grandparents (and practically our neighbors growing up) had german shepards. Here's what I know from experience and what they said:

1. Very loyal breed. Translation, can be overprotective of your family. Good if someone is robbing your family. Not good if they bite a non-family child that wanders into your ward.

2. Yes, they shed a TON! Not a lot, a ton!

3. Need very good training/discipline in order to be good/safe pets.

4. Very smart dogs.

The german shepard I knew best would let us lay on her, play on her. My dad could stick his hand in her mouth and she wouldn't so much nibble on him. However, this same dog bit several "strangers". Even though she was tied up, and one time in a car with the window slightly down. The only reason they didn't have to put her down was b/c each time the kids came on our family property.

Now, this same dog just about took off my brother's arm. My brother tried to take away her food while she was eating and she bit him horribly.

So you really do need to have a german shepard well trained. I love them though. Wouldn't own one b/c I don't want the hair/poop, but it's a breed I like.

Kelli said...

You can name them Lassie and they will save your life, and the lives of everyone around. (Perhaps you are too young to appreciate this comment).

Dogs become a member of your family. But they don't live as long as people do. So when they die (or you have to have them put to sleep) it is a heart wrenching time. We held our dog while she was put to sleep after having her for 15 years.

You will hate the mess, but love the dog. I have cats now and they are not the same.

Good luck. By the way, we had a yorkie, and they don't shed. However little dogs are more hyper than big dogs. If you have a large yard, get a big dog. Also a big dog will survive your young kids better!