Sunday, April 12, 2009


Paige Monster's brain has been in overdrive lately. She keeps me laughing.

Paige: Mom, I have on a black Christmas tree shirt, and maybe blue leggings

Me: Paige your clothes don't match... and it's not Christmas

Paige: Maybe Blue goes with black

Me: Please go try again.

(Just so you know, Maybe Blue is actually Navy blue. Paige just thinks it's called maybe blue)


Paige: I miss my favorite Thermometer!

Me: Your favorite what?

Paige: I am on a new bus and now I don't have my favorite Thermometer. She was so nice. She was my favorite.

(Thermometer is another word for Monitor or themonitor. Her school bus has a bus driver and a bus monitor and she had to switch buses and her favorite monitor is now gone... poor Paige)


Paige: Mom, Connor used to be in my class and then he just floated away.

Me: (gives miss monster a funny look)

Paige: No really Mom, he was in my class one day and left the room and never came back. He must have floated away.


Amy R said...

What a cutie!

The Pagets in Florida said...

Funny. We have the problem that our son likes to define scientific words for us. He regularly interrupts us to tell us the differences between transparent, translucent and opaque.

Nonnie said...

Paige came out with something while she was here too, do you remember what? It was cute ,that's for sure..

Sam Ransom said...

Oh funny!! I love the float away one. I mean perfectly logical that he must have just floated away!! hehehe

Ruth and Ammon said...

she's still my star student! :) I've been meaning to ask you...
Viv got asked to be a 'peer model' for the same thing Paige did. Pros? cons? would you do it again?
thanks- any info would be helpful!

Nonnie said...

When my day just seems too long or uneventful, I come back to read "Paigeisms". My day becomes one full of promise, once again !!!