Tuesday, April 7, 2009


At the end of April the BYU Ballroom Dancers are coming to Kansas City. I am super duper excited. I bought tickets for Adam, me and the 2 girl monsters. I am so excited!!
But all of my St. Louis friends should not worry! They are coming to you too. And now I am jealous, because the tickets are even cheaper for you!

They will be in St. Louis Friday May 1st @ 7:30.
The tickets are only $10.00!

I don't know if they are doing the same numbers that they are here in Kansas City, but if they are it'll be great!
It's also such a fun little date to take your girls (or boys) on.
So go now and buy some tickets.


Crystal said...

Come visit me while you're here!

Crystal said...

By the way, we'll be going to the Chesterfield building for stake conference. We'll see you there, if you plan to stay for that?

Nonnie said...

Karen Lindmark has the tickets for the ballroom dancing. Her phone # is 314-909-9416 get them while you can, they haven't sold out yet !!!