Saturday, April 4, 2009

Next Month

Since it is April, I can now say that I am moving "next month".
Adam graduates in 35 days.
I am busy pretending to pack.
I get out the boxes and then leave them there... empty... because I'm afraid to pack something that we might be using in the next 6 1/2 weeks. Because that's all we have left here folks is 6. 5 weeks. That's nothing. That's no time. So maybe I should just start really packing.

I'd like to say something exciting, but honestly I've got nothing to give. I haven't bought a new SD card, so I have no pics of my kiddos to show you. So nuthin. I've got nuthin.

I can tell you that I hate construction on houses. (Mine or other peoples)

I could also tell you that in my ideal world we would use no money. Only stickers. Any kind of sticker!

But someday this will all be just a distant memory. And I will be saying things like "remember when Adam was in Dental School".

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