Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dear St. Louis

Dear St. Louis,

I might just stay... if your lucky.

It's already been 2 months (but it feels like 6). I still don't like most humans (that's one of those side effects of growing a baby in your tummy), but we have started interviewing for friends.

Our first interview went well, we liked their kids (they had girls to play with my girls and that gave them BONUS points) and we enjoyed their company. They don't seem super odd (just odd enough to hang out with us).

We do have some more openings for "friend interviews" if anyone is interested they should fill out an application and it will be "reviewed" (so basically if I don't get back to you it's just a nice way of saying we don't want any)

The house is still coming along, the waterproofing is done, and the rooms are worked on right now, BUT the carpet was backordered so it won't be in till the middle of August. (Totally stinky, but what do you do!)

If anyone has the sudden urge to unpack something, please come my way, because we sure have a bunch still to unpack. I don't think we will be done anytime soon. Actually I'm just waiting 5 months or so till the "nesting" sets in, and then suddenly I will get all the boxes unpacked in like 2 hours. I always find it amazing what you can do that last month of pregnancy when preparing for your baby monster.

For all of you wondering if this is STILL the Grande Finale, the answer is yes.

Also, we find out next month what we are having. And we have decided that we will find out and then not tell anyone. It's a different kind of surprise. I always like to know how the book is going to end, so this way I'll still get to know how this one is going to come out, but YOU will be surprised. (I know, I have such great ideas sometimes... i even surprise myself)

So overall we are enjoying St. Louis. We love being around family, and we can tell that at some point in the future there is hope that we will find friends.

But really, there are some questions you should ask yourself before applying to be our friend:

1.) Do you mind naked 4 year old boys? My son has been know to come out of the bathroom with no pants on. Is this something that we encourage? No. But it is our reality and it comes with being part of the Wehrmeister entourage.

2.) Do you mind random singing of show tunes? This would be a Jen disorder. Any word at any moment could have her singing. Once again, this is not something we encourage.

3.) Do you mind going to the dentist. Because you see everytime you come to our house you are in fact going to the Dentist. And although that does go against everything I believe in, if I can adjust I think our friends should be able to.

4.) Do you mind "Making yourself at Home" this is my nice way of saying "I'm not going to help you, so if you want it you get it." I am normally much more hospitable, but this whole growing baby, feel like crap thing is getting to me right now.

5.) Oh and then there are those that love Activities. I am normally one of those, but right now our biggest activity is napping. So if you want me to go rock climbing you should wait till next July to apply for this friendship, because come December I will be the size of a boulder, so I don't need to be climbing one.

I'm sure there are many other reasons why people should not apply to be our friend, but I am too lazy to write out anymore.

Also, next entry I will add pictures, NOT pics of my house yet, but still pics.


Kim said...

Ok, your whole "make yourself at home" made me laugh out loud. It takes me a year to feel comfie in a new place. Since you're way more outgoing than I am, I'd give you like 3 months. However, you're pregnant which always complicates things. So I think you'll have a whole flock of friends by 6 months. And that will be perfect because you'll have a new baby and will need some friends to count on.

Amy R said...

I would like to apply. I'm especially into the showtunes. I miss the showtunes.

Jennifer said...

I seem to recall from your post a few weeks ago that you were looking for ugly friends. And I forgot to mention it at the time, but that completely amused me.

The Pagets in Florida said...

Maybe you should have an application NOT to be your friend.

Zana said...

What? You still have openings?? I thought we could have been enough...I knew we should have done our song & dance routine!

By the way, that's funny you think you can keep the sex of your baby a secret from me. I have my ways...& you will reveal:)

Lauren F. said...

I want to be your friend! Do you take Long-Distance Friends (LDF) or must they be local?

The Loveridge Family said...

I think i could be the perfect friend for you!!! if only i lived closer :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen-

I went to high school with Adam and live in the Lou. If you are looking for playgroups, etc. I can totally help! I belong to several, and they meet all over St. Louis. They also have Moms night out, etc. Feel free to email me:, and my FB: nicole mcgrory kelley, I know how hard it can be to be in a new place with kids!

Nonnie said...

Don't forget ,you come by the show tunes through family, you poor dear. You had better be telling me what we're having!! Enough of this stuff and nonsense !!!! Did I tell you today ,i love you AND I pray you will feel better mucho quicko.

Emily said...


1 - I just got something in the mail that said I was pre-approved to be friends with the Wehrmeisters. Do I need to set up a pin or something?

2 - You might not want the phrase,"naked 4 year old boys" on your non-private blog. - i'm just sayin'.

3 - Once James is a dentist will you mind going to see the dentist?
We had some friends who were doctors. Every time we went to their house, he made us stick out our tongues and say aaahh.

4 - By making ourselves at home, did you mean that we are welcome to move in? I'm sure you wouldn't mind a family of 5 downstairs.

5 - I love rock climbing. James and I are avid rock climbers. Can we climb you in December?

Love you, miss you, and keep singing those show tunes!!!

Ruth and Ammon said...

bahahaha! I love reading your blog just so i can get a good laugh. I'd apply to be your friend but I don't think i make the cut.

Laura F said...

Very funny, but I'm with Zana. Since when was I just not enough? Or is there something you're not telling me about the status of my application...