Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blog Friends and Ducks

My Friends' Blogs
So originally when I started this whole blogging experience, I didn't want anyone to find my site. Yes, I know how silly that sounds, but I didn't tell my family, or most of my friends about it. Over time I mentioned it to a few and then that grew and before I knew it I had found several old friends, just by hopping from blogs looking for old friends. (I don't know if any of this makes sense. I am typing with one hand, while I hear loud giggles and big thumps)

I guess the point I am making is that originally I didn't list anyone's blog link, because I didn't want to "assume" that they wanted it public information. Well, recently I found my freshman Roommate, because I was blog hopping, SO... my new policy is if you don't want your link on my site, than email me at jennwehr@yahoo.com and I will take it off. (If you email me ANY forwards just be aware that we don't read them we delete them).

I have found that most people don't care if there link is posted and that many people like it, so here is hoping that you find your old roommates and friends!

The Quacky Talent Show

This weekend was my children's debut in the Platte Woods Ward Talent Show! I had high hopes for my future stars. THEY decided that they wanted to sing and dance to the popular Wiggle's song "Quack Quack" If you are curious to what it sounds like... don't be. The word include quacking and cock-a-doodling. I thought it would be perfect. It's an easy, simple song that they sing around the house ALL the time. I even volunteered our Duck towels to the cause. That is when Kelly says that I should make her a Rooster hat to wear. hmmm... not really my area of expertise, but I was up for it.

So I did it, I made the rooster hat, I got the towels ready, and we put the song on a CD (I even put it on there twice, because it is so short I knew that they would want to sing it more than once) Well, my wonderful beautiful talented children Froze. Yep all 3 of them, they stood out there on the stage looking at the audience and they would not move. I was up on the stage waiting for them to finish and felt so bad for them when they froze, that I decided to help.

I quacked and cock-a-doodled like a true Wiggle, but it didn't help they still didn't move. In fact after it was all over and we were on the way home, I said "Guys you did SOO Good!" Kelly said, "No Mom, we did bad, really Bad, we didn't even sing" I just replied with "But you sure looked cute!"

So here are some pictures from that day. There are none from the actual performance, because the photographer (me) was performing with them.

Here is Kelly wearing my amazing Rooster hat! I think it could be the latest fad.

This hat is one size fits all, or at least all of the Wehrmeisters

Here they are on the stage. This was after it was over.

The cutest rooster in the room!

Okay, I know these aren't my kids, but this was my favorite performance. One little boy sang a rendition of "This is my Beloved Son" while the other little boy decided to break dance. It was hilarious.(The man in the picture was just there for moral support.)


Meg said...

That is hilarious! Not as hilarious as your blue man group video though. Did you do your own perforance that night? I'm hoping you will do it for me in person next time I see you. Every time I see a picture of Tommy, it is Adam! It just makes me laugh. They are identicle!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm figuring out that the blogging world is all about connecting to old friends & finding old people (not meaning aging people), so you've gotta be public so people can find you! It's worth it I guess.

The Loveridge Family said...

That is soo funny that Kelly said that they did bad...you're such a good mommy to help out and tell them they did good. I agree with the whole bloggin' thing...it's a great way to keep in touch! Thanks for calling yesterday...what a fabulous surprise!

N.F. said...

I just clicked onto your blog, but I wanted to tell you - be very careful of posting your full e-mail address on your blog. You might get flooded with all kinds of spam. I've seen it written:

name at yahoo dot com

or something of the like.

Kristy said...

you better take my blog link off! J/K --- your kids were super cute even if they didn't dance ... I tagged you by the way! have fun!

Aim said...

So so cute. Its true, your kids never perform when you want them too. Loved the rooster hats and towels, so darling. You did a great job! And it cracked me up that that kid was break-dancing in the background. Kids don't even realize what they are doing half the time I think, he probably was just like hmmm...this looks like a good place to bust it out! Too funny.

Anonymous said...
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