Wednesday, April 23, 2008

hmmm.... don't know how I feel about this

Kelly just carried Preston upstairs to my bedroom and said:
"I didn't even drop him once!"


The Loveridge Family said...

Hmmm...that could be very helpful, yet very scary...good luck!

Sam Ransom said...

Sorry all I can do is laugh. I know that I shouldn't but that is seriously too cute and too funny!

Gram said...

She was probably so proud of herself. How could anyone get mad?! She is your good little helper. Personally, I don't know how she could carry Preston up the stairs - I know I couldn't! Well, I guess I have, but you are probably safer with Kelly carrying him upstairs than me!!! Cute pic of Kelly - she's a sweetheart!

larry.autry said...

HHHmmm I seem to remember another sweet girl carrying her twin sisters around alot. One at a time of course, and always with a lot of love:)

Love ,

The Wehrmeister's said...

Yes Mom, But I was quite mature for my age and much more capable than Kelly.