Sunday, December 28, 2008

Because I am Super Fabulous!

Just in case anyone was wondering, I had a fabulous birthday. Why was it so fabulous you ask??? Because I recieved my easy bake oven. Ahhhh it was wonderful. The best part was telling the girls that they got to be my assistant chefs. It was quite marvolous. What did Adam get me?? A stroller. Not a stroller for me to sit in, (now that would have been the best gift EVER) it was a sit and go stroller. I've actually been wanting it for over a year. So I was quite surprised that I finally got to get it. I was even more surprised that it was given to me as a Birthday present. My mother got me a giant mat to cut my fabric on, and some nice scissors to cut fabric with.

That night Adam tried to have people over to celebrate my birthday, but he forgot one thing. Everyone leaves town for my birthday, so no one can really celebrate it. I actually felt sorry for the poor guy. He bought the HUGE Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake and made some phonecalls. Well, our good friends the Fullmers were able to come and my Em was able to come by a little bit later, but we still have a huge cake to eat. Every night he asks me if I want a piece. I told him it was hard for me to eat it, because everytime he brings out Gigantor Cake I'm just reminded how everyone leaves town. boohoo poor me (cry me a river)(i'm 28 now, I'm not supposed to be pouting) He said someday I'll get to have a party, but the poor guy is delusional. He seems to forget that my birthday is always going to be on the same day. And that people are always going to be leaving town. At least I still have Santa. Sure he comes a week late, but he is there for me every year without fail. now off to find my sd card, because I need to post pics of my easy bake oven. I made 2 cookies with it!!!


M&M Wilkerson Family said...

Hello Super Fabulous! I love reading your blog. Happy (late) Birthday! I would have been there but I was unfortunately part of that group who leaves town...but, hey, you usually are too, right?! Anyway, you didn't update everyone about how Adam did on his boards... don't tell that I told ya, k, but Marc was like "Why couldn't Adam have just got an 84?!" (worse than him!) He wanted to do better than him for once! Anyway, congrats to Adam. I'm AND MARCUS AS WELL are very happy for him. Love ya and see ya soon

Sam Ransom said...

Wooohooo! Go Easy Bake!! Congrads. Hey tell him to call me next time. We don't leave town since our families are here and I refuse to live anywhere else! hehehe Keep me in mind for next year!