Sunday, December 21, 2008

One tooth short of a full mouth

No we have not recieved Adam's board scores yet. BUT EVEN MORE EXCITING!!! Paige lost her first tooth tonight.

Paige has been waiting for this life changing event ever since Kelly lost her first tooth.

Paige said: My mouth hurts
Mom said: "Dad Paige's mouth hurts"

Dad said: "Paige your tooth is really loose. Paige said: "DON'T PULL IT NOO!!"

MOM said: "The tooth fairy will bring you money"
(suddenly Paige looks more interested)

Paige (very dramatic) walks over to Dad and says "I'm ready"

Dad: Pulls it out

Story over. I hope all of Paige's teeth are this easy. Much less dramatic then when Kelly gets a loose tooth.


Amy R said...

Okay, so I can distinctly remember the feeling waiting for my grandpa to pull my teeth (that was just his job). Terror. Sheer terror. I cringe still today thinking about it. Not that the pain that comes with it is worthy of such terror, but it's all in the anticipation...

Anyway, the point is-- Yay, Paige. What a brave girl! I mean come on-- I'M still scared.

Sam Ransom said...

How exciting!! You have to love the bribery effect!!

Kara said...

so cute! and yes you got it easy that time around. wait until you have to have 'the talk'.

elizabeth said...

Over a year ago Paige thought she had loose teeth, now all of a sudden it's about to fall out and she doesn't know it? Might that have something to do with Kelly losing teeth around a year ago?