Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday My Hot Tamale!

Good men aren't born everyday, But there was one exceptional man that was born on July 6th, 1979. He will not be remembered in any record books, be followed by any papparazzi, and no one will ever ask for his autograph. In my house though, he is a RockStar. His laugh is contagious and loud. He is a full time father, who always always thinks of his family first no matter what his wants or even needs are.
My life would not be as Joyful if he had not come into it. It's days like these that I am thankful for all of those "surprise babies" that are born. I don't think Gram (his mother) could have even guessed how amazing he would turn out to be.

Gram volunteered to make 2 different cakes for Adam this year. What a great Mom. Maybe on my birthday I'll get 28 different cakes (cause I'll be 28). It's a thought.

Here we are with one of Adam's birthday presents. Thanks Nonnie & Poppy. Who is that sexy Mama sitting next to him. Oh it's me!

Look at this stinkin cute family. I am balancing on one foot with my crutches and holding Preston. The things we do for a family picture. And look at Paige's natural smile. Tommy couldn't stop staring at the cake, for any of the Pictures. When we asked him to smile, he just smiled at the cake. He must be my son.

Thanks Gram for the great dinner! I love how much you appreciate Adam (I'm sure you will say that you have to because he is your son.). But he really is a Special Man,


Nonnie said...

He is a rock star !!! You done GOOD Jen ;o)

The Pagets in Florida said...

I can't exactly remember what I got for my birthday... oh yeah, a piano dolly. Maybe that is just saying something about how old I feel. I don't want to carry a piano any more, I would rather just push it. At least the Guitar hero doesn't have strings that need to be replaced. Do they have an Accordion Hero? I think I would do good with that.

Gram said...

I think he takes after his mom, don't you? No, really, he is a great son and I am so proud of him as a dad and a husband. I am not at all surprised because he has always been sensitive to those around him.

Berrett's said...

ok i'm jealous that you have guitar hero...i want one. :) and i LOVE your kids swimsuits! They are adorable! Good work Jen.

Berrett's said...
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elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Adam! I know he'll get that message, because I know he has an equal part in this blog. And that family picture was just fine until I started reading your remarks. Paige made me smile, but then when I looked at Tommy staring at the cake, I started to crack up.