Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just a bunch of nothing

I hope you didn't come looking for some funny post or uplifting remark, because I'm not doing it today. Nope not me. Today is all about pictures. Pictures of nothing important. Just of stuff, so if you need a nap... keep reading, because I'm sure this will just put you to sleep.

Here is Tommy playing with his new birthday present. Pretty cute.

I like to call this photo. Children playing with hose and Water Table. I'm thinking of blowing it up super huge and sending it to an Auction house to auction off for hundreds of thousends of dollars.

I will blame the blurriness of this picture on your eyesight. When I look at it's not blurry so it must be you. I sent my sister in to clean up Tommy's room and she thought this was so cute that she went to get the camera.

We don't pay for water at our townhomes so I send the children outside to drink. Maybe someday when Adam gets a real job we can afford bottled water. Or at least a filter.

This is slave labor. Our children are cleaning the car. Too bad that we will now need a REAL car wash since they forgot to use soap.

I like to call this one "Children on Benedryl". Joking of course please don't call DFS. Adam went in to check on the monsters at about 10pm and this is what he found. The room is actually dark, but the flash was on so it looks bright in there.

Well I guess this is about it. Maybe sometime in the near future I will be able to a real post, but this is it for now.

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elizabeth said...

Check out that beautiful Civic in the background. Next time tell them to wash my car. Anyways, my favorite picture is the three of them asleep together. We had "sleepy juice" growing up (AKA Dimetapp). How fun.