Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I learned during my Summer Vacation

Adam and I joke around about my broken leg. We like to call it my "Vacation". Since, I can't really do... anything. Oh I'm a little off I can surf the internet, sew pioneer skirts and eat (there are a few other things that I can do as well, but those are the main ones I've been doing lately). While I have some time on my hands (that's a joke) , I thought I should make a list of what I've learned during my Vacation. Not for your enjoyment or reading pleasure, but for mine. So that a couple of years from now when I've conviently forgotten what I've learned, I can "review" it instead of having to "relearn" it.

1.) Bones Break: You'd think that would be an obvious one, but I've done some pretty stupid stunts during my time and I have never broken a bone from them. Never (except for my pinkie toe, but that doesn't count, because that toe isn't an essential one, it's kind of like the afterthought toe).

But now I think I am a changed women. Maybe I'm getting older or something, but man breaking your leg stinks

2. Children Grow Too Fast: It's just not fair. I feel like one day Kelly was starting Kindergarten and the next day we were celebrating her last day of school.

3. Friends Leave You: The main problem with the location I have chosen to live, is that every May people start graduating and moving out. It Stinks. To be honest I was lucky last year and made it out unaffected, not so lucky this year. Close friends packed up houses took their crying children and drove out of the townhomes off to their "better" life. It's been quite an adjustment not to have them in my daily life. Don't worry your pretty little heads though, they didn't leave me friendless, I have my posse of homies that I roll with and we are doing just fine. Actually this lesson has been good, because it made me open my eyes to new friends.

4.) SIU (Suck it Up): There are times you can't "rush healing" I like to get'er done and I am currently in a position where I can not DO anything to rush this along. My leg is broken. Period. The only thing I can do is stay in a good mind set and not screw it up, by trying to be "Super Cool". In the mean time I need to keep my leg elevated and Suck it Up.

5.) P.S Anything that doesn't make sense... blame it on the percocet.

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