Sunday, August 3, 2008

I wish I lived in a Musical

All I want is a room somewhere... Now is the time to sieze the day!...We've got trouble my friends, right here in River City... Do you hear the people sing singing the songs of angry men... I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

So obviously I just got back from seeing Mama Mia!, which I loved, because it reminded me that my dream is to live in a musical. I want to be able to break into a show tune and have everyone follow along. I want to start doing my over choreographed dance and have the world dance right beside me. I want to sing and for the notes to be on key!

(Obviously this is not a realistic dream, but give the broken leg girl a break... get it give her a break oh never mind)

I remember when I first moved out to Utah to go to school, I was only 17 (is anyone else suddenly thinking of the Dancing Queen song... oh nevermind again) I had 5 fabulous roommates who were not expecting to get a young one for their roommate. They probably were even more horrified when I wanted to memorize a song and dance and take it to a grocery store and suddenly break out in song. I thought it would be neat to start with a tapping foot, then add a whistle then before you knew it we would be pushing our carts running down the aisles and we would all be singing the same song!

Doesn't it sound amazing.

Well obviously my dream never panned out (Even though if I remember correctly I think I did have a couple of takers).

The closest thing I have now is an adorable husband who ALWAYS thinks he knows the words to a song. And if he doesn't he just mumbles his way through. I do have a good red-headed friend that will join me on every song I start. She makes me feel not so strange.

I'm really not getting anywhere with this post so I better go to bed since it's 1am. I will leave you with this.

Next time you are in the grocery store and you hear a little humming or whistling, don't be afraid to break into song and dance. Do it for me! Just think, What Would Jen Do?


Rappleye said... or my

Rappleye said...

oops...can't spell the name of my blog..let's try that (my crazy brain forgot how to spell my last name! I know, some things never change :))

RitterB's said...

WOW I thougt I was the only one like that! Funny thing is, is that on Friday night I was picking up a few things at Walmart. While at the meat section I caught myself singing the "Loathing" song from Wicked. When I realized I was singing outloud and not in my head I just laughed at myself and kept on singing... Singing while shopping is always cheery! We just watched Phantom tonight! Now that is a good pick!

The Loveridge Family said...

I think I was one of your takers...i would've busted out in song and dance with you! I too wish my life was a musical...that would be great!!! We saw Mama Mia this weekend too and absolutely LOVED it!!!

KC Kanenwishers said... life has it's own background music playing all the time. Doesn't everyones?
It's either me or one of my girls that sings right out loud everywhere I go.

The Pagets in Florida said...

You need to try it in a more contained environment. If people want to leave and not be part of it, they would go to a different part of the grocery store or leave all together. Now, 35,000 feet in an airplane... That is a captive audience.

Emily said...

Let's take it to Jone Snider and see if we can't make this a new enrichment group. We'll send around a sign up sheet for those interested in choreographed celebrations with shopping carts. I'm betting we'd have more takers than the Tuesday play group.

I just love ya' Jen!

The Pagets in Florida said...

You got me thinking about this. My family life was basically a musical growing up. Ok, so I was watching the High School Musical thing on ABC (which seems to be abbreviated as HSM which I seem to be constantly thinking is HMS as in the HMS Pinafore which I probably slaughtered the spelling of.) I realized that we would constantly break out in song around the house. Sarah and I even would start singing operatically to each other about conversations. I still do it in my own house. Maybe I can infect my children for a love of breaking out in song. My oldest already seems to be like that.

Berrett's said...

ok so i must say that living with you was a musical all in its self. :) good times good times...much of which i miss...

elizabeth said...

You know what, I do to Jen. If only things were as simple as me seeing you in your front yard dancing, then I come out and join you singing while knowing every dance move. Oh wait. I already do!

Jasper and Holly said...

I've had that dream too, Jen! I tried it once when I was about 14, but my little brother got sick of it after about five minutes. Let's just say I valued our relationship, and put him out of his misery... for the time being.... I try to get my kids into it, too, sometimes... and then I wake up.

Nonnie said...

Jen,remember You did live in a musical!!! Someone would be talking, and somehow a line to a musical popped into the conversation and all of a sudden we would all burst into song (even me your tuneless mother. i miss those days !!