Monday, August 18, 2008

From Tea Parties to Toy Trucks

So today Ms Paige Monster started preschool again. Now for anyone who doesn't know, Paige is a Peer Model at a preschool that has children with delays. It could be a speech delay, or Downs, or behavior disorder. There are many possibilities. Now how Paige Monster passed the peer test is BEYOND me. She obviously snowed them. Last year I was worried she wouldn't make it a week, but to my surprise they loved her! So now we start another year of school for my monster.

Which leads me to my new life! Toy trucks, Choo choo trains and constant wrestling matches! Oh what a life. I am now home with 2 boys. I no longer have my 2 princesses to play dress up and tea party with. I am now the mother to fire fighters, ninja warriors and rail road conductors.

I am actually pretty excited about this next step in my life. Anyone who knows me knows that as much as I make my girls look perfect, I was SO NOT a girly girl growing up. I was a jeans, tshirt and quick ponytail kind of girl. In fact in 5th grade my best friend told me that she admired me for not caring that my socks didn't match. (I had never even thought about it. I would just grab what was convenient)

As much as I have enjoyed the past 6 1/2 years of Girlifying my life I am looking forward to running to the store without having to worry about brushed hair, bows and ruffle socks. As long as the shoes light up, Tommy will wear them.

So here are some pics of Paige on her way to school. And some pics of the boys celebrating their house free from sisters!

Actually the boys just went into the kitchen and are being quiet... I better go.

Don't worry Paige did wear shoes to school. This picture was taken 3 hours before she had to leave. She insisted on taking pictures ahead of time.
Tommy really wants to go to school. He tried to get on Kellys Bus last Wednesday, and got out his backpack to try again today.

See Shoes!! I wouldn't let her go without them

Oh and the celebration begins! Believe it or not Tommy is pretty easy on Preston. Well, usually.

Preston showing how cute he is when he stands up. Even though that is the basement door and it could come flying open at any minute.


The Loveridge Family said...

Your kids are super cute!! I can't believe that summer is over and school is starting...crazy! I don't have any real school kids yet, but we're doing a co-op with some moms at should be fun!

Gram said...

Paige looks darling. Poor Tommy - was he sad when he couldn't get on the bus? I wasn't a girlie girl either. Playing with the boys was more up my alley! Fortunately, my girls are girlie girls inspite of me. And you would never know you didn't match your socks - the kids always look darling - color coordinating their clothes, bows, and ruffled socks - are you sure you don't have some of my genes?!

elizabeth said...

What are you talking about? Paige is the perfect peer model. And a perfect regular model. Check out some of her poses.

Rebecca said...

Loved Kelly's/Paige's first day of school pics. I haved love Claire being girly but it may have rubbed off on my son too--he's always telling me his hair doesn't look good.

I admit, I'm much better at playing trucks, etc with Jeremiah than I ever was at dressing up. I never did that--was a truck kid myself. I love just going outside and playing baseball.

Enjoy this new era--it'll be so much fun! Next summer our boys can all rough and tough together.

Aim said...

Yea! The big beginning to school, gotta love it. Your girls are getting so big and I totally remember the back to school pictures just like you are taking, what a good mom you are to take these pictures for their scrapbooks. :)

Meg said...

I'm so glad you're joining the boy world. My boys are closet princesses; we play dress up and do make-up all day, then roll around in the dirt right before dad gets home. Just kidding, but Phenix does love the color pink. That's as close to girl as we get around here. You'll have fun with your boys though.

Brandi Hastings said...

Congrat's on graduating to "boy land." I also find it easier and less stressful w/the boy things. Less maintenance! I had it backwards though! I was spoiled first with Logan then shocked at the up keep of a girl!
How are you feeling? By the way, I LOVE Paiges' green outfit!

Amy R said...

It's like you planned it-- two girls to play girlie girl games together and two boys to get all rough and tumble together. And they're close in age. If only I had such power to plan my family. But then not so sure I want to be quite as fertile as you:0)

The Wehrmeister's said...

Yep Amy, you know I planned it... I'll never forget that enrichment when we wrote down our Goals and mine was to "Not get pregnant". Then shortly after I found out about Tommy. I never was good at goals.