Monday, August 25, 2008

Today was: Pretend we only have boys Saturday

This past Saturday the girls had a birthday party to go to so we had 3 fun filled hours where we saw what life would be like without the girls. We started out by going to this little train track by our house. It is only open on Saturdays and it costs 50 cents a ride (super cheap, super perfect). And even better it goes around the track 2 whole times!! Yep you heard me right, it doesn't just do the basic one lap, it goes around twice... and there is a tunnel. How super cool is that!
We were able to buy a card of 10 rides, for $4.50. Tommy loved it, and Preston didn't seem to mind. He just kind of sat there.

Look at cutie patootie and his mom. We really did have a good time. Tommy is so different from the girls. He's like tons of fun with less hormones.

Here is Tommy getting ready to go in the tunnel. Everyone screams in the tunnel, so after the first couple of times around, he finally caught on to cover his ears. He's a pretty smart cookie.

So after we had our fun time with the trains, We went to our first Air Show. The girls have never really been interested in planes, so we haven't been. But now that we have 2 little boy monsters it adds a whole new set of fun things for the family to do.

Here we are riding the shuttle over to the planes. I think this was a highlight for Tommy. He just sat there and stared out the window.

Tommy was in charge of the diaper bag (although he thought it was his bookbag)

My cute man is still short on words, so moments like these I would just love to know what he is thinking. Obviously he is deep in thought.

Brotherly love. We really did have a fun day together.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles!!

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