Thursday, October 1, 2009

January 19th

So I went to see my fabulous Dr. today and this is the day we decided on. January 19th is when Grand Finale will be joining our mad house.

As long as everything goes smoothly with the delivery and baby is healthy, we will be coming home from the hospital on Kelly's birthday! (Jan. 23rd).

Baby Monster looked good at the check up.I got to see her in 3-D and it was pretty neat. She still looks a little alien-esque, but it was fun. They also gave me my pre-registration package from the hospital. I'm just so happy to be having this monster back in St. Louis, with the Dr. that I love in the hospital that I love the most.

Tommy Boy doesn't exactly understand how this whole baby thing works.

The other day he asked: "Soo the baby is cut out of your tummy?"

Mommy: "Yep, the Dr. gets the baby out of mommy's tummy and then sew mommy up."

Tommy: "That's going to be gross, the baby is going to be covered in all the food in your tummy"

Daddy: "Yep, the baby comes out looking gross, but not from the food"


The Pagets in Florida said...

I guess that it is better than saying you poop the baby out... I guess.

Amanda Wilson said...

That is awesome. You for sure have the advantage of the C-section explanation that the other. Kids are the best!

Sam Ransom said...

Haha! That is super funny and cute! Lucky you to have a date. I have no clue when this baby will come. Hopefully he won't be like Sariah- a week late and induced!

aLi said...

Jen I am thrilled for you guys! By the way, if you name her Grand Finale you could nickname her "Ali." Since my daughter's name is Jenifer Jennifer it's only appropriate. :)

elizabeth said...

I was just about to mention that I want recent pictures of your kids. Thanks for posting them. And answer your phone.