Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The day the children ran away... and the school counselor called.

2 weekends ago PaigeMonster and her partner in crime Tommy decided to run-away. They have wanted to for a couple of days, but it had been raining so I told them they had to wait.
Saturday rolls around and it was a beautiful (and a little chilly) day. Paige asked Adam if they could run-away and told him they would be back for lunch.
Dad said it was fine, but that they had to stay in the driveway.
They took sleeping bags, pillows, umbrellas, clothes (even pullups for the nighttime), coloring books, and of course backpacks full of STUFF.
After they came in for lunch, they put their PJ's on and went back out to finish their Runaway day. I have to say it was a great day for me too. It's so much easier to get things accomplished in the house when the monsters are outside of the house.
So these pics are adorable and the monsters had a blast.
On Monday it was rainy, so the kids "Ran Away" to Tommy's room.

Tuesday Morning came around and it was also rainy, Paige was off to school, but before she left she asked if she could run-away. I told her it was too cold and rainy, so she would have to runaway to the sunroom today... no problem (I thought)

11 AM rolls around and the phone rang, it was Paige's counselor. Apparently Paige went in to her teacher and told him that she was running away, but not to worry because she would be back in November...

I tried not to laugh (It took alot). When Monster came home, we had a little chat.
I didn't realize that a great imagination, would end up in a phone call from the school. Lesson Learned.


Lauren F. said...

hilarious. at least they asked permission first!

Sam Ransom said...

That is super cute. I love the whole it is too rainy to run away. And such great pictures!

Amy R said...

Haha, didn't the school laugh about it?

elizabeth said...

Wow. Her school doesn't mess around. At least she had intentions of not staying out very long.