Sunday, October 11, 2009

MiniMonster turns 2

Who Could not just Love this Face??
We just love our little monster! Tomorrow he turns 2 and I made some cupcakes tonight to celebrate.

He's a smart little guy and the more words he says, the happier we get. He blabbers in his own little language mixed with real words here and there.

He loves playing with his brother and sisters, and doesn't realize that he's not the same age or size as they are. He sleeps great through the night (Wish I could say the same for his older brother), and can give great mean looks just like his oldest sister.

Here is Daddy and Preston decorating his cupcake. Preston was being very careful and picking up one sprinkle at a time and placing it on his cupcake.

This was my favorite part, because he even knew the right time to blow out the candles. Without being told.


elizabeth said...

I do love that face!! He is getting so old. He even knows when to wait to blow out the candles? I suppose there's an advantage to having lots of older brothers and sisters. I miss him.

Amy R said...

Happy birthday little monster!

Meg said...

Happy birthday Preston! I can't believe he is two. That means Sam is one! Oh wait, I knew that. Sometimes I forget though.

Emily said...

You meant to say tomorrow he turns one!

He cannot be 2!!!