Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When Tommy learned to speak

Anyone who has spent time with our family knows that we have been worried about Tommy's speech since he was a baby monster.

He just didn't care about anything. He didn't cry in his crib, because he didn't care that he was there. He didn't sit up for a long time, cause he didn't want to see anything. Time out didn't work, because he was content doing nothing. And He didn't speak, because he didn't have anything to say.

Well he speaks now, and we love it. Nothing makes me happier than listening to his constant talking. It's nice to hear a voice come from that beautiful face.

So here is what he has been saying lately:

Daddy: Wow Tommy, that's a nice bruise you have on your cheek.

Tommy: Why thank you.


Tommy: Daddy, Do pickles come from frogs?

Daddy: No, Tommy they don't.


Tommy: Where does Preston come from?

Daddy: Frogs.


Tommy: (Hands Nonnie a little grape)

Nonnie: (Eats it)

Tommy: NO!!! Now it won't grow up to be a big grape.


Amy R said...

I can totally see why he might think pickles come from frogs!

Anyway, Michael was like that, too. They just soak it all in until they're good and ready to talk.

Berrett's said...

hehe that is great! I LOVE that first picture of him...he has beautiful blue eyes...lucky boy!!! miss ya!


elizabeth said...

Tommy says the most enlightening things. They really make you think. I thought his talking was fine nowadays.