Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Kelly learned at school today

Girls go to college to get more knowledge,
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.
Obviously a female college graduate came up with this little poem.
Don't worry, I did the right thing as a parent. I told Kelly that it was mean and that she couldn't say it and that we have to be nice.

Then when she left the room, I laughed.
Speaking of Kelly, this past Saturday she was in her first parade! I was so proud of my brave little girl. If it were Paige, it wouldn't have been such a big deal, but Kelly has been afraid of everything since she was a baby. She walked with a friend from school and handed out candy. She got to wear a clown costume so she was pretty excited.

It was fun to sit and watch the parade. Obviously you know my favorite part. Here is what you have been waiting for... PICTURES!

She's already got a super model wave!

Here she comes...

Nonnie took this pic for us. Obviously the sun is in our eyes. And no it's not a coincidence that everyone is wearing their BYU shirt. Adam makes everyone wear their BYU shirt on Game day. Mine was in the car. I was the rebel that just got back from Jupiter.


Amy R said...

I'm always trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to keep a straight face around Michael at times like that. It's so hard!

Nonnie said...

Kelly was a bit of sunshine in that parade.It was so wonderful to see her so self-assured. It was fun to watch Tommy and Paige have candy thrown at them,and then to watch them eat it !!! Probably it was even funnier to see bendind down to get the candy that was too far into the street. You said I stopped the parade !!!! I love you all.

Emily said...

Adam is showing quite a bit of leg in this pic, isn't he! I see Paris, I see France...